Marichi’s Yoga Pose III, Seated twist

Integrative Treatment Approach for ADD/ADHD History and physical exam Marichi’s Yoga Pose III, Seated twistto identify specific treatable causes: thyroid dysfunction, allergies, dietary deficiencies, exposure to lead Marichi’s Yoga Pose III, Seated twistor other heavy metals, other medical problems, concurrent psychiatric diagnoses, and use of other medications that may affect attention, cognition, and arousal.

Careful assessment for psychological trauma, abuse, and neglect are essential because these are contributory causes of inattention, hyperactivity, and behavioral problems. Laboratory studies: blood count, chemistry profile. If there is a question of dietary deficiency, malabsorption, or lead exposure, check vitamin, lead, iron, and zinc levels.

Correction of nutritional deficiencies with supplementation. Discussion of treatment options with the patient and family including risks and benefits of prescription medications and CAM. Development of a treatment plan including behavioral approaches and family counseling. If the patient is already taking a prescription stimulant that is showing some benefit, it should be maintained unless it is causing unacceptable side effects.

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