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Dehyd roepiand rosterone DHEA is produced primarily in the adrenal glands Knees to chest poseand secondarily in the ovaries and testes. Among its neurological effects, DHEA has been reported Knees to chest poseto improve memory, brain activation on EEG, and mood Wolkowitz, Reus, Keebler, Nelson, Friedland et al., 1999. A three-month study of normal older men found no change in cognition or wellbeing with DHEA van Niekerk, Huppert, & Herbert, 2001.

Patients whose DHEA is low for their age, particularly menopausal women who have had ovaries and adrenal glands removed Gurnell & Chatterjee, 2001; Yen, 2001 and debilitated geriatric patients with medical or neurological diseases the authors’ clinical experience are more likely to show improved memory and mood when given DHEA. Side effects include insomnia, irritability, hirsutism, acne, slight increases in estrogen, and potential interactions with steroids. Concerns about effects on prostate can be addressed by serial testing of prostate-specific antigen. DHEA is contraindicated in patients with estrogen sensitive cancer or prostate cancer.

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