Is Yoga Right for Me?

Now you’ve read all about the awesome benefits of yoga and how practicing it can change your life
you are probably raring to start. Before we dive into the routines that will reap you all the amazing
benefits though you have to ask yourself is Yoga Right for Me?

When people ask me if they should come to my classes I usually ask them a few simple questions.
I’ve written these questions out for you and it won’t take you more than a minute or two to answer
them. So run through these questions and see if you think Yoga might be an awesome practice for you
to adopt!

What is the overall goal you want from practicing Yoga? Is it to reduce stress and be happier?

Improve your output at work? Improve your health? To learn how to meditate?

Are you willing to set aside at least 30 minutes every few days to practice yoga?

Do you understand that yoga doesn’t yield instantaneous results but rather you must practice it to reap
all the benefits?

Do you have any injuries or physical limitations that you think could get in the way of you practicing?
These questions are simple but they do serve an important purpose. When I ask potential clients these
questions it gives me an idea whether or not they understand truly what yoga is. It is a rare occurrence
that someone will have a completely warped view on the practice of yoga, but it does happen and I
always like to be sure. Asking those questions is my sieve.

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