Is stretching the same as warming up?

Is stretching the same as warming up?

A No. They are two distinct activities. A warm-up is light exercise that involves moving the joints through the same motions used during a more intense activity; it increases body temperature so your metabolism works better when you’re exercising at high intensity. Stretching increases the movement capability of your joints, so you can move more easily with less risk of injury. It is best to stretch at the end of your aerobic or weight training workout, when your muscles are warm. Warmed muscles stretch better than cold ones and are less prone to injury.

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The most common thing I hear from my meditation students is that they are “not good at it.” Guess what? No one is, without practice. No matter what the situation, the next time you find yourself being hard on yourself, have a seat. Close your eyes and take a moment to observe your experience. Hear the sounds around you. Notice the thoughts coming through your head, and try to imagine that there is a space beyond the thoughts that is silent and accessible. Try your best to access this space.

If you find yourself getting agitated or frustrated during meditation, remember that some days will be easy and some days will be harder. Let yourself try the art of non-effort. If the thinking mind is really strong, let yourself think. Even if you have a few seconds of pure presence, this is a success. This is why we are really here.

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