Is it enough to work on the upper three chakras? What about the other chakras?

The chakras worked upon in Indian Head Massage are the higher chakras, with the crown regarded as the master chakra, controlling energy in all the other chakras. Balancing these chakras can bring the energy of the whole body back into harmony. Many people comment on the positive feelings they experience after chakra balancing.

What are some of the side effects of Indian Head Massage and why do they occur?

Massage encourages body systems to function more efficiently, in particular the

Lymphatic and circulatory systems. This results in speeding up waste removal and elimination of toxins. Some effects of massage may occur for a few days following treatment. This is referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ and should be viewed as the body getting rid of waste. Some of the following may be experienced:

Is it enough to work on the upper three chakras? What about the other chakras? Photo Gallery

Increase in micturition (urination) due to stimulation of circulation

Increase or other changes in bowel movements due to stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system and more efficient elimination of waste

Headaches or light-headedness due to increased circulation and elimination of toxins

Increase in mucus from nasal passages as sinuses are draining following facial massage

Change in sleep pattern (usually increased, due to relaxation effects)

Increased thirst, due to increased urination

Increase in appetite, due to increase in metabolic rate

Relief of discomfort in muscles and joints; occasionally muscles can ache post-treatment as lactic acid is being released

Feeling of relaxed alertness, due to increase in blood flow to the brain.

Can I use an on-site massage chair to do Indian Head Massage?

The treatment is generally done on a straight-backed chair but some therapists adapt the treatment for an on-site massage chair as they find it suits some clients.

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