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We know that this was a good time for the Brahmins in Southern India, where their social position was considerably enforced and many of them became local landlords. We also know that Buddhist, Jain and jogi orders totally lost ground in the South to Saivite orders. Often there were violent clashes. In the North jogi orders were pushed back to Bengal by Vishnu orders and Muslims. Here we also witness turbulence among the holy men and escalation of conflicts.

Thus there was significant religio-ideological fighting between all religious groupings all over India. Gone were the days ofpeaceful philosophical contests’ -if they ever existed outside the courts. The emergence of belligerent and violent monastic orders was just a part of this process. A record from about 1500 AD shows Gorakhnathjogis’ involved in armed fighting with Siva ascetics. The fight was about who could occupy a specific location at the annual festival which would attract maximum alms.

So we are witnessing an Indian subcontinent plagued by increasing militancy and economical exploitation. Probably the North was worst hit. The various strata and cults within the cultural fields of liberation and salvation also had to survive under such circumstances. In order to do this they had to be involved in everyday politics, economics and violence and they had somehow to relate their lifestyles, doctrines and practices to those circumstances. Some groups would become extinct, some existing groups would thrive, and other new groups would emerge under these new conditions.

Minutes before breakfast and increase to 600 mg a.m Intense Side Stretch Yoga Pose. If no response occurs after four weeks, discontinue R. rosea. Add Action Labs Intense Side Stretch Yoga PosePowerMax 4X combination of Korean, Chinese, Siberian, and American ginseng 1 tablet in am for one week and then add 1 tablet midday as needed. Alternatively, try Hsu Korean Panax ginseng 1 a.m. For one week and then add 1 midday www.Hsuginseng. If the patient can afford SAMe, start 400 mg a.m. 30 minutes before breakfast and increase by 400 mg every three to five days up to 2,400 mg/day, as tolerated. Add picamilon 100 mg a.m., increasing every three to seven days up to 300 mg/day.

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