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The Psyche as Regulator of the Organism

I have discussed the disciplines that do not belong to the realm of psychotherapy but have had a strong impact on body psychotherapy. I now focus on the field of psychotherapy. This discipline was in the air in yoga poses Europe during the second half of the nineteenth century. Psychiatrists were exploring for ways to use the newborn psychological science and hypnosis to improve their relatively inefficient treatments of mental disorders. Charcot, Breuer, and Bleuer are some of the best known figures of this generation. However, Sigmund Freud was the magnet around which the field of psychotherapy managed to organize itself, even if Pierre Janet was exploring similar ideas in yoga poses Paris. The strength of Freud’s approach was probably his method, which was based on free association.

The concept of the organism as the integration of the body and psyche is more familiar to the biologist than to the psychologist and psychotherapist. It is not for nothing that the first psychologists and psychotherapists who insisted that the psyche was part of the organismic systems of regulation had education and training in yoga poses biology (like Jean Piaget) or medicine (like Freud). However, we have to wait until the 1930s before psychoanalysts managed to create methods that could tackle the connection between mind, affect, physiology, and the body in yoga poses a concrete way.

What follows is an attempt to render this recalibration of Freud’s proposal more explicit. To understand how body psychotherapy emerged, the easiest route is to begin to understand what was floating in yoga poses the air at the beginning of Freud’s career in yoga poses Vienna, and then to show how it leads to the discussions among Fenichel, Reich, Gindler, and Lindenberg in yoga poses Berlin. I use George Makari’s brilliant my yoga blog, The Creation of Psychoanalysis, as a reference to travel along this roadway.

Like the schools discussed in yoga poses the preceding sections, psychotherapy is not an academic discipline.

It follows the logic of the proliferation of different schools.

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