How to Do Neck Circles Neck Circles Exercise

Come to a seated position on your mat. Sit up tall and raise your arms over your head alongside the ears, stretching upward to align the spine. Place your legs in a simple cross-legged position. Either leg can be on top of the other when performing the easy pose. Decide which position is more uncomfortable and practice that position to balance your body. If it’s not easy to sit cross-legged, stretch your legs out straight in the front or keep your knees halfway bent.

“Hatha yoga teaches us that the outer body and the spiritual essence of a person are completely intermeshed. You’ve probably noticed that your posture influences your mind and emotions. If you sit slumped over for long enough, you’ll start to feel dull and depressed. Conversely, a strong inner feeling will usually reflect itself in your posture – if you ’re feeling cheerful and alert, you’ll probably sit or stand tall and erect. ” – John Friend, Yoga Journal, Sep 1998, Anjaneyasana.

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Neck Circles Exercise

We carry a great amount of tension in the neck area. “If a woman is walking down a street and hears a sudden explosion of a car backfiring, this is what happens: Within 14 milliseconds the muscles of her jaw begin to contract; this is immediately followed about twenty milliseconds later by a contraction of her eyes and brow. But before her eyes have squeezed shut, her shoulder and neck muscles have received a neural impulse at 25 milliseconds to contract, raising her shoulders and bringing her head forward. ” – Tias Little, Yoga of the Subtle Body.

Sit in an easy seated position. With your eyes closed, relax and slowly bring your head down, chin to chest. Let it completely relax. Rotate the head to the left. As you rotate to the left, bring your left ear over your left shoulder. Relax the shoulders away from the ears. Bring your head back, so it’s touching the upper cervical region. Take your hand and press back on the chin to ensure the head has been brought back as far as possible. Now bring the right ear over the right shoulder, making sure the right shoulder is relaxed and dropping away from the shoulder. Now, bring your chin back to your chest. If you experience stiffness in the neck area, don’t go too far into the rotation. Use generous breaths to ease any tension.

I love this exercise, as it makes me feel like I’m walking on Cloud Nine – or at least that’s what I visualize. This exercise helps ease constriction of the leg muscles and tones and flexes the hamstring muscles. It assists in strengthening the weak abdominal muscles, which is so crucial for a healthy back and vital life. The graceful movements gently help prepare the legs for sitting positions.

Lying on your back, interlace your fingers behind your head and neck. With your inhalation, stretch your left leg up to the sky and activate the right leg by lifting it away from the Earth. Now lift the right leg to meet the left leg in the air. While doing this movement, lift the lower back slightly away from the ground, engaging the abdominal muscles even further. Lift the legs towards the sky and avoid swinging them towards the back wall. With the exhalation, switch legs so now you’re lowering your left, leg and keeping the right leg in the air. We aim to move with grace and effort throughout this technique. Remember to connect the movements to the breath and visualize that you’re walking on clouds or on sunshine. If you feel the tension in the lower back, keep the knees softly bent. Do the walk for a minute at a time. Once you feel stronger, incorporate one or two more rounds of one-minute walks.

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