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Join over 500 global Graduates who have taken the journey with Himalaya Yoga Valley in the last decade to become exceptional teachers!

• Syllabus Includes asana, adjusting, alignment, philosophy, ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, yoga business skills with a major emphasis on practical teaching skills.

• Training led by expert Indian teacher Yogacharya Lalit Kumar and his team of international teachers

• Internationally recognized 200 & 500 hr Yoga Alliance Courses

• Unique Post Graduate Internship program

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Born in Kashmir, Dr Malik spent his formative years in the Himalayan region. During his childhood he received training and instruction in the yogi traditions, (influenced particularly by the Gurukula traditions, Kundalini and laya yoga styles). This was complemented with his training in the mystical branch of Sufism and meditation practices of the Himalayan Lamas. He spent over a decade travelling in the Himalayan region and other provinces in Pakistan and India, where he spent time learning under the guidance of Buddhist Lamas and Christian Monks. His lifelong personal mission has been to show that there is a common universality amongst the world’s religions. Instead of emphasising differences’ between spiritual traditions, he has always tried to promote religious harmony.

He is also a certified yoga instructor and a distinguished writer on this subject having accumulated over 30 years of practical and theoretical knowledge. Yogi Dr Malik is also the Editor of YOGA Magazine, a position he has held since the magazine’s inception, in 2003. His leadership and goal has been to educate the west about yoga, and he has over 1,000 published yoga articles.

Yogi Dr Malik has also taught hundreds of free yoga classes, workshops and retreats in the UK and overseas on the transformational power of pranayama. meditation and yoga styles including Kundalini and Malik-Laya yoga.

He has met and collaborated with many of the leading experts, thinkers and religious luminaries including Deepak Chopra, Dadi Janki, Sadhguru Shree Shivkupanand Swami, Swami Chandra, and prominent individuals from various yoga establishments and celebrities.

Yogi Malik has held several other positions including as Editor of Mind Body Spirit Magazine. He is fluent in a number of languages including Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi. Yogi Dr Malik has also received several awards, most recently from the World Religious Parliament and also being conferred the honorary title. Yogi Raj by Chandra Swami.

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