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It seems difficult to establish any connection between the theoretical YS and a practical yoga milieu, both before and after it emerged. Even among intellectuals and urban elites, the YS did not create much of a stir, based on the meagre commentary traces left. So the YS somehow hangs in mid air and we can return to the previous question raised: why was it compiled?

Bronkhorst (1985, 2005) gives an answer as he argues that YS was basically a Samkhya text compiled by a Samkhya scholastic, claiming his name was the mythological Vyasa. The purpose of writing was to take up the fight with the Buddhists Abhidarma and Yogacara schools on the march. Hence the text was not conceived in order to clarify yoga topics but as a part of an intellectual milieu trying to establish themselves among competing peers.

Nevertheless, in a study of middle-class American children Flying Crow Yoga Pose, low serum zinc levels correlated with inattention but not hyperactivity-impulsivity Arnold & DiSilvestro, Flying Crow Yoga Pose2005. The use of supplements for deficiencies of magnesium, iron, and zinc warrants further study Arnold, 2001; Kidd, 2000. Iron Iron is necessary for dopamine synthesis. Enhanced dopamine transmission is a feature of most drugs found to be effective in treating ADD. In one study, ferritin levels a measure of iron stores were low in 84% of 53 ADHD children versus 18% of 27 matched controls. The low ferritin levels correlated with worse cognitive deficits and more severe ADHD ratings Konofal, Lecendreux, Arnulf, & Mouren, 2004. Studies of iron supplementation in ADHD children with low ferratin levels have shown mixed results Millichap, Yee, & Davidson, 2006. Improvements have been shown in learning and memory in iron-deficient adolescents given iron supplements Bruner, Joffe, Duggan, Casella, & Brandt, 1996.

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