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In contrast, Ptd Ser from soy, which is low Fire Log Yoga Pose in DHA, did not alter catecholamine levels Toffano, Leon, Benvegnu, Boarato, & Fire Log Yoga Pose Azzone, 1976. There is little research data to show that soy Ptd Ser improves memory. The apparent benefits of bovine Ptd Ser may be enhanced by effects of omega-3FAs Hibbeln & Salem, 1995. Although no cases of mad cow disease bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Jakob-Creutzfeldt Disease have been reported in association with the use of bovine cortex-derived phosphatidyl serine BC-PS, the risk of acquiring prions from bovine neural tissue should not be ignored. Prions have also been found concentrated in the adrenals, pancreas, neural tissue, and tongue of cows and other ungulates, including sheep, deer, and moose. The fact that there can be a delay of five or more years from the time of prion exposure to the appearance of symptoms makes in difficult to trace the cause of this untreatable, fatal illness.

Despite governmental attempts to protect consumers, animals with mad cow disease are periodically identified in North America. At this time, we advise limiting the use of phosphatidyl serine to products made from soybeans or from animals raised in New Zealand or Australia where surveillance for prion-related diseases is highly regulated.

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