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Premenstrual syndrome PMS refers to a range of transient emotional and Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose physical changes that many women experience during the week prior to menstruation. Symptoms include depression, Feathered Peacock Yoga Poseirritability, insomnia, hypersomnia, fatigue, decreased concentration, changes Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose in appetite, weight gain, water retention, headache, breast tenderness, and pain in Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose the abdomen, pelvis, back, joints, or legs. While 11-32% of women have emotional and physical changes associated with menses, only 3-9% meet criteria for premenstrual dysphoric disorder PMDD.

The understanding and diagnosis of changes in mood and behaviors prior to menstruation continues to evolve. For example, paradoxical insanity related to PMS was used as a legal defense in the medical testimony during an 1865 murder trial Spiegel, 1988. By 1930, the term premenstrual tension syndrome was being used. In 1987, the DSM-III-R of the American Psychiatric Association APA defined late luteal phase dysphoric disorder to include women who do not menstruate e.g.

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