Exercising During Early Pregnancy

Exercising During Early Pregnancy

I have sat in countless groups over the years who have been meditating and subsequently formulated a vision and then a plan for how the group intends to aid humanity. Often it involved a project or the grounding of a centre of some kind. Then the group would get enthusiastic about manifesting and come up with a required budget or schedule requiring activity on the physical plane. What happens next is often extremely amusing if, when applied on a planetary scale, it was not so heart-breaking. When individuals in the group are asked to commit their own time and/or money a peculiar lethargy overcomes people. It is assumed that they have done the hard spiritual work of meditating and visioning and that surely others will be ‘drawn in’ to provide the more physical plane manifestation. Ideas are put forward regarding obtaining grants or recruiting local businessmen and so forth.

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On several occasions I have suggested that everyone in the room write down anonymously what assets and income they legally have control over. In all cases the total sum when it was added up was more than the project required. This is normally the end of ‘la grande vision’ however, as people find it more difficult to invest their own resources than entertain the idea that others can be found who will be more able or willing.

If the spiritual workers of the world who are connected to and cognisant of the great work are not prepared to fully invest in its implementation, how will they encourage others who are perhaps more materially-minded to do so?

What generally happens is that the vision is put on hold and the resources that the group are prepared to invest are used to implement a portion of it.

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