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At the death of Fenichel, Reich wrote this in yoga poses his notes:

I found out that Otto Fenichel died of a heart attack three weeks ago.

That man died of his structural cowardice, I cannot judge whether my publication of his misdeed which appeared in yoga poses April 1945 gave him a push. in yoga poses his my yoga blog he plagiarized everything from me and since he was aware of this it must have been a terrible ordeal for him. (Reich, 1999)

FROM NEW YORK TO MAINE (1939-1957): REICH DISCOVERS ORGONE Hope Is for Tomorrow, When a True Democracy Will Become Possible

There is no way of basically changing people once they have developed the wrong character structure. You cannot make a crooked tree straight again. Therefore lets concentrate on the newborn ones, and lets divert human attention from evil politics towards the child. (Reich to Neill, October 8, 1951)

Reich departed from Oslo on August 20, 1939, for New York. There he was welcomed by colleagues like Theodore Wolfe, who translated many of Reich’s works into English. He did not seem to have any contact with his old psychoanalytical companions from Berlin, because he now represented a theory that could undermine the foundations of their approach.

Reich’s theory was now resolutely “vitalistic.” in yoga poses 1940, he had acquired18 enough money to be able to isolate himself in yoga poses the wilds of Maine not far from the Canadian border, on a property he named “Orgonon.”19 There, he pursued his experimental research on the way that cosmic energy, which he called orgone,20 animates every cell and the global regulators of the organism. This notion is a sort of synthesis between (a) the force of nature described by Spinoza, (b) the vitalism of Jung,21 and (c) Freud’s libido. Reich attempted to analyze this cosmic force scientifically and propose a medical approach based on his observations.22

His Vegetotherapy thus becomes Orgone therapy. The principal difference, on the plane of mind-body techniques, is that Reich was less interested in yoga poses the movements that go from head to foot during an orgasm and focused his attention on the regular pulsations of the organism, which contract and expand unceasingly like a great heart or lungs. To work on a thought or a tense muscle is part of a panoply of methods that make it possible to influence the quality of the pulsation of an organism and its capacity to auto-regulate. During this period he intensifies his research on machinery capable of mastering the dynamics of the orgone like the orgone accumulator.

As early as 1930, the politics in yoga poses Europe were so disastrous that by contrast, the United States was gradually perceived as a possible haven of peace. When Reich and Fenichel arrived in yoga poses the United States, they tried to believe that they were landing in yoga poses what could become a robust democracy. Fenichel, happily for him, died at a time when it was possible to think that he was living among those who defended freedom in yoga poses the world. Reich quickly discovered that the United States was only a bit better than the Soviet Union. After the euphoria following the victory against Germany, Italy, and Japan, he became increasingly pessimistic about the democratic potential of the United States. At first, there had been the interminable discussion by the armed forces on the use of the atomic bomb. The racial discrimination against blacks was everywhere. And then there was the persecution of the communists. For example, Charlie Chaplin was persecuted as early as 1947 for being a communist sympathizer; he went into exile in yoga poses Switzerland in yoga poses 1952. Paradoxically, Western Europe was becoming more democratic than the United States, thanks to the Marshall Plan.

Little by little, the United States developed a “social cancer,” the third that Reich had witnessed in yoga poses his life, called McCarthyism, which lasted from 1950 to around 1956. This movement was certainly less terrible than Stalinism and Nazism, but Reich was surprised to encounter it in yoga poses the country that exemplified democracy. This time, he was crushed, morally at first, but mostly by being imprisoned where he died. After the advent of Stalinism in yoga poses the country of the Marxist hope and McCarthyism in yoga poses the country of democratic hope, Reich definitely lost confidence in yoga poses the humanity of his day. A good example of the way McCarthyism destroyed individuals like Reich is the film Lenny, directed by Bob Fosse with Dustin Hoffman in yoga poses the lead role.

At first, Reich hoped that once people would lose their armor and the secondary layer of hate that is imbedded in yoga poses constricted tissues, their Orgonomic core would regulate their organisms and the way they interact with others and with nature. Doubt crept in yoga poses when he and Neil had children they could raise in yoga poses homes that promote self-regulation. At first the two fathers thought that in yoga poses such a supportive context, both children would spontaneously do what they needed. Their organisms would know when to sleep and when to eat. However, in yoga poses their correspondence, both shared the observation that even their children appreciated being nasty at times, and that self-regulation was not enough:

Have you considered the sleep angle? Recently our kids have been breaking all bedtime laws. A meeting was strict about them, and for a week they have gone to bed early. Result: most of the bad tempers, destructiveness etc. have lessened greatly. (Neill to Reich, December 12, 1948).

The surrounding political events of the 1950s strengthened their impression that no one could escape having a hateful layer and an armor.

At age fifty, Reich theorized to support the generations to come, to help them to build a less ferocious world and one more respectful of the nature that animates them23 Therefore, he undertook, with a few friends like the educator Neill and his daughter, Eva Reich (an obstetrician), a profound reflection on what one could hope for the humanity of the future. He began to study the birthing rituals. For him, the only way to repair a humanity harmed by millennia of tyrannical and religious destructiveness was to begin the work at this level, that is, by studying the social and psychological ways that humans conceive (in every sense of the word) their offspring. For Reich, it was not possible to respect oneself without respecting nature and the universe of which we are an integral part. To detest what we are is to hate the nature that animates us. We will see, in yoga poses our discussion of Ed Tronick’s studies (see chapter 21, 623f), that repair systems undoubtedly exist in yoga poses human organisms. They can be supported to become increasingly efficient. However, even these forms of healthy repair systems do not follow the laws of Idealism and of the orgone. They seem to follow the general laws of the theory of evolution: they are not perfect, they can even generate mechanisms that lead to destructive behaviors.

After launching an anticommunist movement of the left, Wilhelm Reich became one of the precursors of ecological thinking. Reich’s vision24 was in yoga poses part taken up by the youth movements of the 1960s in yoga poses America and Europe. Fenichel’s and Reich’s careers began with youth movements. It is through them that Reich became known again after his thought was banned for a dozen years.

With such preoccupations, Reich was no longer interested in yoga poses what was at stake in yoga poses the world of psychotherapy.

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