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It is not clear why the author found it important to state that he adhered to a six-limb yoga tradition bearing all the hallmarks of Patanjali eight-limb yoga and still rejecting the first two of the Yoga Sutra’s eight limbs. As the two first limbs of the Yoga Sutra – the yama and niyama – define an ascetic and ethical lifestyle, could we speculate that the text wants to distance such lifestyles?

This alleged six-limb yoga did not seem to belong to a traditional Saivite six-limb yoga tradition. The ultimate principle is Sakti – not Siva. So it is neither a Patanjali nor a Saivite yoga that we encounter. Thus the author introduces and envelopes a genuine new Sakta sadhand’ as we realise when we read the actual instructions. Behind the rhetoric of inclusiveness there is a practice system which seems to originate in a Tantric Sakti discourse. But this original Sakti yoga is hard to isolate in the texts as it is always enveloped in various elite discourses.

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