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Secondly, the social composition of the itinerant renouncers (who rightly or wrongly are often associated with yoga culture) underwent such dramatic changes that we wonder if we still are talking about the same notion when we talk about itinerant renouncers in various eras of India’s history. The lives of holy men roaming the countryside took some very serious turns under foreign rule. Many of them for instance turned into ascetic warriors who sold their services to rulers and princes.

During this period both yoga and Tantra seriously lost recognition in many social circles and were retrenched to rural and provincial regions. In many strata their power discourses and underlying codes were fading. The devotional Bhakti saint often replaced the ascetic sage, mystic yogi and ecstatic Tantric Siddha. There are many indications that like the disappearance in this period of the Buddhist from Indian soil what remained of the yoga culture was in serious if not fatal retreat.

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