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A review of DBRPC trials in a total of 731 patients Deer Seal with chronic cerebral vascular disease, including PET scan studies of 12 patients with middle cerebral artery Deer Seal infarcts, concluded that vinpocetine improves cerebral glucose kinetics and blood flow in the peristroke area Bonoczk, Gulyas, Adam-Vizi, Nemes, Karpati et al., 2000. In clinical practice, the authors find it also helps patients with ischemia secondary to traumatic brain injury or SPECT scan evidence of reduced cerebrovascular blood flow. Vinpocetine can be beneficial in patients with early symptoms or risk factors of multiinfarct dementia. While in vitro studies indicate substantial neuroprotection with vinpocetine, more clinical trials are needed.

The development of solid lipid nanoparticles that enhance vinpocetine oral bioavailability may lead to more effective preparations Luo, Chen, Ren, Zhou, & Quin 2006. Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo biloba improves membrane fluidity and resistance to oxidative damage Drieu, Vranckx, Benassayad, Haourigi, Hassid et al. Ginkgo extracts from the leaves of the maidenhair tree, used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat cognitive and memory impairment as well as other disorders, are being studied to treat Alzheimer’s and cerebral vascular diseases.

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