Chaturanga Push-Up How to Save Your Shoulders

Welcome to Tyrone Yoga everybody today we look at chaturanga chaturanga or the low push-up is a fantastic post that really strengthens the upper body and is used a lot in the Niassa and ashtanga classes that’s why we really want to make sure we’re doing it right. So It’s sustainable. And we don’t hurt our shoulders or have neck pain like many people have so here we go we’ll pretend like we’re in chaturanga and many people do in this funny exaggerated way where the shoulders actually come up to the ears and.

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And then creates too much stress for the head and neck what we’re looking for is to really keep the shoulders back and down away from the ears. So we’re really rolling it up back around. And then we have a lot of space for our neck and there’s no pressure for the shoulders let’s look at this step by step. So we’ll start with just being on hands and knees. And just notice the hips what we want is we really want the belly to go in the ribs to go in. And the shoulders back. So we’re more or less flat back of course we’ll have a little arch there. But just trying to look at that and all we’re doing is literally just bending the elbows down just bending the elbows down and wherever that is right maybe it’s two inches maybe it’s one foot down just go as far as feels comfortable for you while you can keep the shoulders back.

So there’s room for the head and neck, if that’s easy do your try to runners like this do 510 it doesn’t matter these kind of push ups with the knees till you build enough strength to do the next step. But it’s much better that you go step by step master this before you move on to the plank full chaturanga, if you are moving here we go just the same exact thing. But notice the elbows are close to the body. And the shoulders stay back the heels are pressing back the belly is lifted. And I’m not lowering any lower than my elbow height so as I do the chaturanga I just lower down to elbow height okay, if it hurts your wrist you can always do a little bit of wrist rotations to release let’s look at it again heels back belly up gaze a little forward and starting to bend the elbows shoulders go down elbow height.

And then I roll forward open up upward facing dog remember to also press all ten fingers down to the ground to protect your wrists that’s it keep it safe keep practicing and keep smiling thank you all for joining me namaste.

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