Breathing Yoga Exercises

Soft exhaling on sch:

Exhale softly on sch, whereby your lips form a pout and your teeth touch gently. The more gently you form the sound the better your exhalation guidance will succeed. Place your hands over each other on the centre of the torso and observe how the torso walls gently move in.

Locomotive puffing on sch-sch-sch-sch:

Puff like a locomotive on sch-sch-schsch, until you run out of breath and the lungs greedily suck in the air again into the expanding chest. With the thrust-like puffing hold your hands to the side of your chest to be able to feel the work of the diaphragm.

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Whispering on h (a):

Breathe out as silently as possible on the back of your hand, as if you were breathing life into a butterfly or blowing away snow flowers on a winter windowpane. Thereby open your mouth wide open and supplement the h with an a. Visualise that your mouth and abdominal cavities are warm and humid. This leads to an extension of the ribcage; also the bronchi reflectively expand, whereby feelings of tension in the chest area, as well as wheezing noises can be released through the outward flow of the air.

Laughing on ha-ha-ha-ha:

On exhaling laugh through the mouth with ha-ha-ha-ha, until you run out of breath. Thereby place your hands on the centre of the torso. When you think you don’t have any breath left, continue

Getting carried up by the exhalation on huuuh:

In a wide-legged squatting position, on inhaling support the palms of your hands on your thighs and allow yourself to be explosively lifted up by the force of your exhalation on huuuh. Then come back to the starting position in the squatting position (see title picture!).

Visualisations that you can combine with the exhalation (practice)

With every exhalation I become quieter and quieter.

With every exhalation I become heavier and heavier.

On exhaling repeatedly say the word loosen internally.

With each exhalation I allow myself to sink more and more into the mat.

Treat yourself to a breathing pause

To the degree that the individual ignores the pause, to that same degree he robs himself of his health.

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