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We have seen many examples of how wisdom discourses and Gnostic liberation models signified many ways of liberation: Buddhist mindfulness , buddhi-yoga , jnana-yoga and Samkhya for instance. So liberation discourses were not necessarily linked to the Altered States of Consciousness generated by ascetic techniques. For some yoga and liberation was instead a dedicated intellectual exercise bereft of any form of trance induced by asceticism be it meditation or sleep deprivation.

In this chapter we focus on a pure form of wisdom yoga, which was widespread among the elites of Medieval India. As we look more closely we find as so often before that behind this specific jnana-yoga – wisdoms-yoga – were actually hidden several variations of yoga, some even conflicting with each other.

The way the popular text named yoga-Vasistha describes yoga may actually give us an insight into how many people perceived yoga in early Medieval India.

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