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The Goraksa-sataka – revealing a Sakti yoga?

Reading the opening of the text Goraksa-sataka, we see in verse 7 that it clearly identifies samadhi as the final of six ancillaries. So the opening at first glance seems to confirm the feeling that the ultimate goal of early hatha efforts was also samadhi. From the opening, we gather that Gorakhnath’s six-limb yoga is very similar to the last six of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s yoga – they are of a very meditative character. So the opening of the text clearly signals that it belongs to an established ascetic-wisdom liberation discourse of meditation to which yoga often belonged325. But does this assumption actually hold?

As one continues through the rest of the text, ascetic-meditative yoga however plays no role at all, and samadhi is not mentioned a single time. One could object that at the end of the text, visual contemplation/ meditation is mentioned a couple of times, which points in the direction of meditative discourses. But if we read more closely, we realise that this contemplation/meditation plays an inferior role. It is only there to support the crucial pranayama efforts of bringing opposites together.

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