Best Prenatal Yoga Poses

Best Prenatal Yoga Poses

Supporting the Other Elements to Assist the Water Element

As outlined in the 5-elements chapter, if we want to balance out the Winter element, we also need to take into consideration the elements that feed and nourish the water element. This is especially the case of illness or any disease related to the kidneys or the bladder. The elements that nourish and support the water element are the Metal element (Shen cycle) and the Earth element (Ko cycle).

Metal Element Nourishment

– Go for walks to simulate the lungs and circulate energy.

– Let go of any grudges, emotions or memories that tie you to your past.

– Avoid constipation (oats, prunes, linseed, etc).

– Do exercises and movements that lift the arms and stimulate the breath and diaphragm.

– Strip away the non-essentials, refine your character, let go of the past.

Wood Element Stimulation and Harmonization

– Take the time to eat a nourishing breakfast (eg. porridge).

– Eat slowly.

– Engage in activities that help to build a sense of community.

– Do weights and resistance training (morning is best).

– Cultivate trust in the natural flow of life. Avoid doubt or overthinking everything – let it unfold naturally, the universe is infinitely organized! – Let it do its thing, no need to try and ‘work it out’ or force it to change.

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