Advance Yoga Poses

Advance Yoga Poses

Backdoor Yoga bridges the gap over the issue of love. It presents the fact that most people do not love themselves and are insecure in any relationship. Indeed, that is the reason why they are in a relationship at all since they are looking for love and attention from an outside source.

Happiness only comes about when we start loving ourselves, and this is what the Game of Life is all about: love of the Self without dependence on someone else.

This is the reason why it is necessary to whisper sweet nothings to your Soul when you are reaching out in a sense to yourself. The Soul usually takes on the role as your partner: if you are male, the Soul plays the female, and vice versa. It also may influence your masculinity on occasion to be more feminine, in action or attire.

In the early days of this method of Transcendental Meditation, as with a love affair, it is difficult to see the connection of the Soul and ourselves. We are still in the grasp of the Unknown with Nature in the shadows of our mind.

So as we open each Chakra Center we come closer to accepting and loving ourselves. This is where the Heart Chakra becomes important, since it is the Center of Love.

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