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In a wait-list comparison controlled study of 180 survivors 9 yoga poses to stay fit of the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami who were living in refugee camps in Nagapattinam district on the 9 yoga poses to stay fit southern coast of India eight months after the disaster, participants were screened for PTSD using the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Check-List PCL-17; Descilo, Vedamurthachar, Gerbarg, Nagaraja, Gangadhar et al., 2006, 2007. Out of 240 refugees who were screened, 183 70% scored above 50 and were included in the study. Five camps were assigned to three groups. The first group was given a 10-hour course in BWS with 10 minutes of Sudarshan Kriya over a period of four days. The second group received the same intervention followed one week later by a one-on-one client-centered exposure treatment called Traumatic Incident Reduction TIR. The third group served as a six-week wait-list control. All participants were given the PCL-17, the Beck Depression Inventory BDI-22, and the Quality of Life GHQ-12 at baseline, immediately after each intervention, at six weeks, three months, and six months.

It seems that despite the surrounding society changed dramatically these esteemed adepts tended to maintain much of their high status. Their high status was however not left unchallenged throughout history. Often incumbents challenged their superior ranking and initiated reconfigurations of the entire field. Thus the criteria for superiority might change but superiority as such prevailed. The symbolic capital as such persisted but it steadily underwent changing configurations.

Thus on a very abstract level there seemed to persist some taken-for-granted assumptions about social difference and power. This contemplation is investigating what made high social ranking possible and lasting. To do this introduces categories like habitus and semiotic code.

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