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Those who received both testimony and yoga breathing showed the greatest 9 yoga poses for runners improvement on scores for self-efficacy on the Franzblau Self Efficacy Scale FSES 20, particularly 9 yoga poses for runners in feelings of control, security, and confidence. This study is limited by small sample size, brief duration, and the use of only one measure, the FSES 20. Nevertheless, it highlights the potential for developing integrative treatments for psychological trauma.

Case 5 PTSD and Temporomandibular Joint Pain Due to Childhood Sexual Abuse: Somatic and Interoceptive Components Disturbing somatic sensations, particularly interoceptive, are characteristic of PTSD. The PNS carries sensory information about the internal state of the body visceral sensations, heat and cold, vibration, and pain to the insula, an anatomic structure in the frontal lobe postulated to contain representations of the body and metarepresentations of the self Craig, 2003; Critchley, 2005.

The insula receives moment-to-moment information about the state of the throat, pharynx, jaw, lungs, and respiratory apparatus. Processing of somatic experiences associated with abuse would occur in the insula. Voluntary manipulation of breath using yoga techniques changes the input to the insula and may profoundly affect interoception-based perceptions of the body and their associations to emotion schemas.

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