44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

The Beep Test This is also called the Multi-Stage Fitness Test, Pacer Test, Yo Yo test, or 20-Meter Shuttle Run Test. Description

The Beep Test involves running a series of 20-meter shuttles at a specified pace. The pace gets faster each minute as you go to another level. For example, the series begins at a speed of 8.5 kilometers per hour and then increases by 0.5 kilometers per hour with each advancing level. The MP3 audio recording or phone app signals the end of a shuttle with a single beep and the start of the next level with three beeps. The object of the test is to keep up with the beeps as long as possible.

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Facilities and Equipment

1. Running track, open field, or gymnasium

2. Two cones or field markers set 20 meters (21 yards, 32 inches) apart (use four cones if testing a large group)

3. Beep Test app or MP3 recording of beeps (widely available free on the Internet e.g., http://www.beeptestacademy.com; free Beep Test apps are also available for the iPhone and Android smart phones)

4. Method of playing Beep Test: MP3 player with speaker, smart phone with speaker, iPad with speaker. You could run this test by yourself if you have an MP3 player with earphones.


The Beep Test is highly strenuous and requires the ability to jog, run, and sprint. Don’t take this test until you are prepared. A good technique is to run intervals on a track or playing field. For example, run 50 meters, rest 30 seconds, repeat. Gradually, increase the speed and number of repetitions until you can complete at least 10 sets of 50-meter sprints.


The Beep Test is a popular assessment of cardiovascular endurance levels and maximal oxygen consumption.

1. Set up the audio alert system for the test (MP3 player with speaker, or personal MP3 player, or smart phone with headphones).

2. Run back and forth between two cones or field markers placed 20 meters apart, keeping pace with an audio beep that plays during the test. The test is arranged in levels. The beeps get faster with each increasing stage. A single beep will sound at the end of the time for each shuttle. A triple beep sounds at the end of each level. The triple beep is a signal that the pace will get faster. Do not stop when you hear the triple beat; continue running toward the other field marker or cone.

3. The test ends when you can’t keep pace with the beeps for two consecutive runs.

4. Note the stage and lap for your fastest shuttle run on the table below. Record your maximal oxygen consumption and enter it on the chart labeled “Rating Your Cardiovascular Fitness.”

Videos of the test are widely available on the Internet.

Level Speed (kilometers per hour) Speed (miles per hour) Minutes per mile Stage Shuttle Total Shuttles Predicted ‘VO, 2max (milliliters oxygen per kilogram body weight)

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