4 yoga poses to reduce belly fat

Figure 3.3 Sudarshan Kriya: Increased synchrony on EEG 4 yoga poses to reduce belly fat . After Sudarshan Kriya, high amplitude synchrony on EEG increases with length of practice. In 4 yoga poses to reduce belly fat the advanced practitioner all 19 leads show high amplitude synchronous waves. Reprinted with permission of Stephen Larsen Larsen et al., 2006. Hypothesis: Sudarshan Kriya Yoga Unlocking Trauma Configurations We postulate that the physiological challenge of SKY temporarily disrupts established brain wave patterns and synapses in areas containing trauma-related schemas. This may occur through disentrainment of electrical activity, fluctuations in autonomic input, changes in activity within structures involved in emotional regulation, coding, and memory limbic, thalamic, and prefrontal, shifts in pO2 and pCO2, and neurohormonal release oxytocin, prolactin.

I would in the following like to look briefly into different ways of transforming the state of awareness of our consciousness to establish common ground. In the concluding chapter I will take up the theme of ASC and explore it further in relation to the yoga discourse.

What I say in the following does not pretend to be the rocket science of consciousness, as it is only there to clarify. It is based on my experiences as an artist working with creativity and spontaneity (and of course of my experiences of meditation, Tantric techniques and drugs)417.

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