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The period of this day and night of creationis very great Yoga zen as far as our concept of years is concerned. When we learn about the distance and Yoga zen sizes of the stars we are staggered, for it does indeed exceed the ability of most ordinary minds to comprehend such vastness. Similarly; is the day and night of creation counted in the billions ofv years. The period of time of the dayis approximately equal to that of the night.The Yogic texts state definite periods for the various cycles that are described. Where does the individual stand in all this immensity? Well, if you think that you have an egoand that you are a separate self,then you will find yourself lost amidst this concept. But if one is able to realize that he is not, in reality, an individual self, and that this self is truly an illusion, then he understands that he too is eternal and that he is not born and does not die. Thus one is not lost and all of the immensity is not a source of perplexity or anxiety.

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This is traditional non-dual mystical rhetoric: the still mind of turya allows the self to emerge, leading to liberation (self-lessness) – which is brahman. So it is the merit of the Maitri to link yoga technologies with turya, which on its side is linked to brahman. Hence in a process culminating in the Maitri, yoga has become clearly linked to, and defined in relation to, a Brahmin discourse of consciousness: yoga creates turya where the underlying liberating ground can emerge.

As pointed out by Bronkhorst (1993), there seems to be a development, as yoga moved further into Upanishad circles. Yogic-consciousness of turya in the context of Maitri -tranquil, blissful and mystic – seems slightly different to the yogic-consciousness of the still-mind – disciplined, mortified and relentlessly eradicated – that we heard about in the Katha.

Further, while it was not clear if the Katha claimed that liberation happened after or during still-mind-meditation, the Maitri (in some schools’ interpretation) moves more decisively in the direction of finding liberation during mystical absorption.

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