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Gentle yoga overweight inactive bad diet stress. And you can see it on my face I had an aged expression now let yo ga’head you to laugh. And the world laughs with you join me for some healing yoga tips that will open your heart and put a smile on your face. So we’ll begin in cow and cat come down to all fours. And then the cat is taking the sit bones. And the tailbone down arching the back up like a Halloween cat pressing down into the fingers in the base of the fingers the thumbs in the meat of the thumbs the in-breath is going to take the sit bones and tailbone high we’re going to arch the back in the opposite way opening the heart forward broadening through the shoulders exhaling cat inhaling cow exhaling cat inhaling cow now for this next pose we are going to be doing the lion pose sav Asana and there is a special way of doing lion pose it’s this idea of roaring like a lion. But the roar doesn’t happen the face the roar actually happens at the base of the spine and comes up the front of the spine and out through the throat out of the mouth and all of this energy is expelled out of the face there are some tips to keep in mind that will really be able to maximize the potential face lifting value of lion pose the tongue comes down. And we try to touch the bottom of the chin the eyes are trying to move up and look at the third eye. So you just do the best you can do and be happy with that and have a good time all right are you ready inhaling fully exhaling slowly. And then inhaling one more round inhaling fully exhaling fully inhaling wonderful take a few moments let all of this fresh product penetrate all of the cells of the face what a wonderful way to get rid of a lot of excess energy excess frustrations this is a fantastic pose to take on a daily basis, if you are really serious about tightening up your facial muscles.

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And it’s also a wonderful way to calm the nervous system we’ve just released a lot of stored and pent up energy that we don’t need hanging around the face. And the neck. And the shoulders now we’re going to experience a little bit of laughter yoga this is an incredible workout for the face for the diaphragm it gets circulation going. And it allows us to access our joy our inner joy that’s always there Darya Susan come on down. So there are a number of different techniques in the laughter yoga realm and one of my favorites is the milkshake laughter so basically you have some ingredients in each hand you begin to pour these ingredients into the opposite container. And then we begin to drink out of the milkshake and start to laugh wonderful warmup all right now we’re going to be late and we’re looking at her watch Oh fantastic all right now we’re going to be getting a very important overdue bill. And we’ll just be opening up that bill having a look at it fantastic so as you can see a yoga facelift is not just about moving the muscles and moving the limp it’s about accessing some inner joy accessing you know this place inside of ourselves where we don’t take ourselves so seriously now we’ll bend the knees one at a time and let the feet rest on the floor we’ll rest the head back we’re going to be taking happy baby so now when we age we’re a little bit more stiff. So we take one foot at a time. So we’ll take the right foot up. And we’ll hang on to the foot with our opposite hand, if you’re having trouble reaching for your foot just let your arm come down to your ankle yes. And then they’re going to be pressing the foot into the hand. And the hand against the foot or the ankle and drawing the sit bone down long slow smooth and breaths and long slow smooth and complete out breaths let the sit bone travel down towards the grounded foot over several breath cycles we’re starting to get into energy lower down into the pelvis we’re working with the energy of the first. And the second chakra.

So this is an area that is responsible for our feeling grounded and our feeling stable and secure as well as the energies of reproduction and creativity now let’s let go of the right leg and switch over to the left. So we lift left knee up towards the hand and see what we can grab onto this might be a different situation maybe we’ve got more flexibility in the one side. So we’re hanging onto the ankle or the inside of the foot or the outside of the foot and creating a little bit of resistance. So the foot is coming against the hand. And the hand is resisting back against the foot and spreading the toes nice and wide is also an excellent idea. Because we’re getting a lot of tension out of the sole of the foot we’re getting a wonderful external rotation of the upper leg wringing out the hip rotators ringing out tension we have a lot of stored energy as well in the hips so happy baby is a wonderful way to release all of those negative energies and make room and space for fresh lymph and fresh prana fresh blood wonderful let’s come back to the first side now. So we’ll take the first leg. And then we’ll see how that goes probably the second round is feeling much more easy much more comfortable. And then we take the opposite leg again yes fantastic and, if you feel like rocking back and forth on your back and perhaps pressing a little bit more into the feet with the hands and resisting with the hands against the feet. And just feeling that wonderful massage of the whole back line lengthening out the legs a little bit more opening up and blossoming behind the knees we have been strengthening some muscles that may have being underused and we’ve also been accessing joy that’s inside each of us all the time so for the cooldown we’re going to be coming into a prone position and there are a couple of different variations that might be wonderful this is all about getting more circulation into the face. And I’m going to be taking frog pose which is a rolled up blanket rolled up towels.

And then I come forward right until I reach the sternum that bone where the ribs come together. And then I’m just going to drape myself over letting my legs come out onto each side I’m going to rest my forehead on the stacked on and I breathe now you might want to take another version prayer pose as Daria is demonstrating dari has got a support for her forehead and her arms are coming back so there’s this wonderful lengthening of the spine and blood prana oxygen life force is starting to pool in the face now Susan is taking a supported Child’s Pose using a bolster to support the whole belly. And then just releasing the spine and allowing all that blood and lymph to come and flood the tissues of the face we take a long slow smooth and breath and a long slow smooth out breath just thinking about how much fun we’ve had today it’s also a wonderful way to release tension out of the jaws out of the eyes now we’re going to be moving into the tranquility pose shav Asana. So we’ll just come up off of our supports swing the bolster or the blankets around widthwise on the mat. And then we take the legs over. So that the knees are supported by the bolster let the arms help you come down and find a way to bring the shoulder blades underneath the heart take the arms a little bit further away from the ribcage externally rotating the upper arm bones letting the palms open to the sky. And we go to the legs either spiral off the upper leg bones. And just setting the hips the back of the hips the SI joints nicely. And then releasing the legs letting them flop open letting go of ourselves completely will take a long slow smooth in-breath into the face breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension and another long slow smooth in-breath floods the entire body with light and spaciousness and exhaling the last remnants of tension. And the last firm disappearing thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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