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This is the state of deathas far as the physical body Yoga works is concerned. Hindu fakirs not to be confused with Yogis who allow themselves to be buried Yoga works for long periods of time without access to air know the secret of retaining the life-force within the body.

In the study of Yoga, the more life-force which you are able to utilize, the more physical energy and vitality, the more mental alertness and the more awareness you will come to possess. Persons who radiate vitality and energy and who have a magneticpersonality are in possession of an abundance of life-force. You know, for example, that a radio station which operates with 50,000 watts is going to be much more powerful than one which uses only 5,000 watts. The former station can be picked up for many times the distance of the latter.

Similarly, when you add life-force and energy to that which you now have, you are certain to become much more powerful; your vibrations are increased; your physical and mental organisms are greatly elevated and you thus come in contact with the higher planes of thought and action. All of the techniques learned in Yoga are concerned primarily with 1 releasing a great amount of life-force which is already within you but which is sleeping and needs to be stimulated and aroused, and with 2 accumulating additional prana from external sources.

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