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The Causes of Neurosis: Initial Trauma or Blockage of the Accommodation?

This involves some psychological preparation of the patient. We must aim at bringing about two changes in yoga poses him: an increase in yoga poses the attention he pays to his own mental perceptions and the elimination of the criticism by which he normally sifts the thoughts that occur to him (Freud, 1900, The Interpretation of Dreams, II, 101)

To heal analytically signifies above all to recognize the developmental failures, and in yoga poses the measure possible, to benefit from this understanding to rectify these failures. (Wilhelm Reich, 1927a, The Impulsive Character, I, 247)

A Myth of Psychotherapy That Many Take for Reality

I still have patients who come to me thinking that the goal of psychotherapy is to recover the memory of an event repressed in yoga poses the unconscious and then they will be cured. Some even believe that this repressed memory is necessarily that of a sexual abuse that occurred in yoga poses their childhood. in yoga poses some cases, these patients are psychologists with a good training in yoga poses psychodynamic psychotherapy. They attribute this view of psychotherapy to Freud. Such a view was indeed presented by Freud in yoga poses three articles published in yoga poses 1896 (1896a; 1896b; 1896c). He speaks of the first thirteen cases of hysteria that would have been healed after being able to recover the memory of a precocious experience of sexual relations with actual excitement of the genitals, resulting from sexual abuse committed by another person; and the period of life in yoga poses which this fatal event takes place is the earliest years the years up to eight or ten, before the child has reached sexual maturity (Freud, 1896a: 152). If Freud plainly explored this trail, he did not defend it later on mostly because he did not think that he had enough evidence to prove this hypothesis. For example, the case of Elizabeth Von R. is a manifest exception to this rule, as Freud does not report that she had been abused in yoga poses her childhood.

On this fragile base is constructed the myth according to which every neurosis is caused by a sexual trauma in yoga poses childhood and that it suffices to revive the repressed traumatizing memory to be healed. Freud imagined that once repressed, these memories became more intense when the traumatized child became an adult and fell in yoga poses love. The events of the present resonated with the repressed memories and affects, creating a work overload for the defense system, which destabilized the individual. Every time the person fell in yoga poses love, a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings arose and rendered him or her so ambivalent and anxious that the organism preferred to organize symptoms that would render the romantic relation less pleasing, or even impossible.

Today, psychiatric institutions and the social services have showed that Freud’s first intuition was indeed founded. Sadly, we know that there is much more abuse of children than even Freud could have imagined. Probably because of this fact, some psychoanalysts have questioned themselves about what would have become of Freud’s theory if he had supported his first hypothesis.67

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