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You should continue to reread these sections and definitely put the Yoga wheel advice offered into practice. It is wasteful to learn and practice all of the wonderful physical Yoga wheel exercises of gathering increased life-force if you are wasting or losing this energy in the ways indicated.

Now the fact that the physical eye cannot actually seethe life-force does not alter the truth of its presence in all things and that it is responsible for maintaining your very life. You cannot see the force of gravity and yet you know it is continually exerting its influence upon every physical object on the face of the earth. Gravity is a form of life-force. And just as you know that gravity exists, although you cannot see it, so will you come to know of the existence of life-force, not only within yourself, but in all things.

As you continue to practice your Yoga physical exercises and meditation techniques, you will come more and more not only to feelthe reality of this force, but to know how to direct it to various points in your own body as well as to distant parts of the world. You should be able to use this cosmic force for the health and development of your self as well as others.

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