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LIFE FORCE: THE SUSTAINING POWER OF THE UNIVERSE An ancient Yoga vinyasa Yoga text proclaims: Life is in the breath!This is a fact which none of Yoga vinyasa us will dispute, since we well know that our existence is dependent upon continuous breathing.

We know that it is possible to exist for extended periods of vtime without food, water or sleep; but without air, death is certain to result within a matter of minutes. However, it is much more than just this that- the Yogi implies with the above proverb. He is speaking of a most profound matter in which the breathis but one manifestation of the life-force.

The science of Yoga can become extremely intricate. In this book it is assumed that you are interested in learning the information and techniques which are absolutely practical and can be immediately applied. Therefore, the many Sanskrit terms and phrases which would require volumes to explain and whose practical value is questionable have been eliminated. The concept and understanding of life-force, however, is indispensable, since all of the Yoga physical and mental exercises which you learn are involved with accumulating, storing and using life-force.

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