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In order to explain why millions of yoga sympathisers – the majority of them women -buy the physical medical-therapeutic yoga product, I have already suggested women’s new role in relation to a new affluent middle class and their romanticist-holistic habitus as possible conditions.

I have also discussed how a female fitness discourse surfaced around 1900 and slowly settled as a part of the female habitus of the upper classes. We will soon see how this habitus of body culture, which was itself undergoing strong modifications, came to guide women for the latter part of the 20th Century as they formed the yoga sign accordingly. So we are now going to map a complex interplay of deep social processes DYNAMICALLY interacting with female habitus – meaning that they themselves underwent transformation as time progressed: women’s body culture, fitness culture, celebrity culture and cultural narcissism. Women’s body culture first!

It pervades every atom of our bodies. It is not Yoga vinyasa flow the atom itself, but the core and soul of the atom which imparts to it its Yoga vinyasa flow direction and its ability to function. It is the intelligence and force of the atom.

Through this life-force is fashioned all forms and structures of matter; it activates each atom, from those which comprise the most dense mineral substances through all of the degrees of increasingly complex organisms. It makes possible all organic functions both conscious and subconscious. It is the medium through which the process of creating, sustaining and destroying is carried out.

It is an acknowledged fact that we are able to hear and see only within a limited range of both the sound and the sight scale. We know that there are sounds, for example, whose pitch vibrations are at frequencies above and below our range, so that they are inaudible to the human ear.

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