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As it was a critical part of meditative yoga styles to inquire into oneself to reveal delusions, I found it essential for a modernist yogi to have a similar look at which social processes work like karmic seeds' – to use an old yogic metaphor – in the yogi's subconscious. In other words, the task is to investigate how the yogic self – a self shaped and captivated by yoga sympathy – is conditioned by social processes like cultural narcissism. This task would lead directly to the self-reflective yogic question what process on a social level defines and conditions my interest in my yoga practice? ? Hence I suggest we spend some time understanding Lasch's critical theory as he shows how social processes flow into the individual (the yogi) and her values and interests (I like asana yoga ).

In the late 70s C.Lasch (Wikipedia link) identified emerging social processes of corporate capitalism, (Wikipedia link) which he found penetrated and shaped the contemporary self in significant new ways.

From a range of psychological studies Lasch identified the emergence of a new personality type.

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It was no longer the personality connected with developing capitalism – impulse controlled, strong super ego, disciplined by peers – who consulted therapists in the 60s and 70s, he observed. Instead it was a narcissistic personality claiming to suffer from feelings of inauthenticity and inner emptiness'.

To live with their sense of emptiness, people compensated by building up megalomaniac images of themselves. Lash identified this as a narcissistic' symptom because the perceived insecurity which people felt was overcome by seeing their grandiose self reflected in the attention of others. Or they would overcome their insecurity by attaching themselves to those who radiated celebrity, power and charisma.

These are typical narcissist strategies: for the narcissist the world is a mirror and in this mirror hedonistic self-fulfilment is sought, says Lasch.

Listen very carefully to the music and begin to lose the Yoga union thought of Here I am listening to this music. If you are properly concentrated, there Yoga union will be no thoughts at all. Do not let yourself become sleepy.

Try not to let the music conjure up pictures or other images, because these will distract you. A tempt to make yourself an instrument through which the music may flow. As your ego, your ordinary mind, your self, your Ibecomes immersed in the depths of the sound, you will find your consciousness expanding.

You are no longer hearing and understanding and analyzing in the usual limited way, but you are able to encompass the full significance of SOUND! This realization is beyond anything which the ordinary mind can conceive and is, of course, beyond description. The internal method of concentration with the ear is more subtle and requires intensive concentration.

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