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Similarly, in a very peculiar manner, do we pretend Yoga trapeze that what happens to us in the course of our everyday activities is real. But gradually Yoga trapeze, as the awakeningbecomes more intense, we realize that the ordinary Yoga trapeze mind and the senses have constructed a giant house of cards in the way we see ourselves Yoga trapeze and the world about us.

If you pull away one of the bottom cards, the entire structure collapses. An objective of Yoga practice is to gently and methodically pull away the bottom cards in order to reveal the weakness of the structure.

As you contact the higher consciousness, Universal Mind, you become more and more aware that you have imprisoned yourself in the darkness of a tiny, suffocating cell.

This cell has become familiar and your eyes have grown accustomed to the dark, to the way in which you see yourself and the so-called externalworld.

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You have forgotten that outside the cell is the world of light, of freedom.

The cell is not apart or outside of this world of light; it is a tiny particle within it! By the same token your ordinary mind is simply a particle within the Universal Mind.

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