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It is as though you have simply asked or willed your Yoga tops higher consciousness to take over your life, and whenever you feel that it has deserted you Yoga tops , simply will it back. Each time you thus will your Yoga tops higher consciousness into play, you are allowing the light of the Universal Mind to dispel more Yoga tops of the darkness of the ordinary mind; each time you utilize this technique, whether it be once a month or several times a day, you grow.

You will find yourself functioning more efficiently in every way as the higher consciousness responds to your needs. Your life appears to go on as usual outwardly, but inwardly a great change, a tremendous expansion, takes place. The enlightened man is the result of the ultimate expansion; he has grasped the infinite wisdom of the Universal Mind; he has realized that man is spirit!

Concentration with the Ear Let us now use another of the senses for purposes of concentration. We shall use our sense of sound and direct our entire attention upon it. As with the eyes, there can be two forms of concentration: external and internal. For external concentration, choose a particular sound upon which to focus your attention.

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