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Busy executive with real problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle long hours hunched over computer and overwhelming stress for causing problems with my vision for vision health month please join me in these healing yoga tips that help relax our tired eyes and keep them in optimal health we’ll come down into a constructive rest position on our backs using the arms to help you come down keeping the knees bent is a wonderful way to protect the low back. And we rest take the arms out away from the sides of the ribs oxygen consumption is very important for the eyes. And the scalp so we’d like to give the ribs as much room to move out and up as possible bring your shoulder blades down the back one at a time and create a little bit more space up in the clavicles these collarbones area the tops of the lungs penetrate up above the collar bones next time an out-breath comes along we’ll let the legs drop over to the right hinging the feet moving the head in the opposite direction of the knees.

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We inhale and everything comes back to Center. And then we exhale knees drop to the opposite side head moves in the opposite direction back to center and continuing this wonderful massage on the back of the skull is helping release long-held tension there in fact this area at the back of the skull that were massaging is the location of the starting point of many of the muscles of the upper back they start here at the back of the skull they move down the back of the neck they go laterally across the shoulder shelf. And some of them move all the way down the back almost to the waist every time you move your head from left to right and right to left another layer of stress and tension is being released now we’ll do some palming of the eyes a wonderful practice to rest the eyeballs we take the palms together and create a little bit of friction we’re creating some heat here we’re energizing the palms. And then when things get really warm then we take the hands to the ice we take the outside edges of the palms and place them around the orbital bones around the brow bone around the top of the cheekbones and see, if you can create a very dark environment here and feel this wonderful warmth penetrating the eyelids penetrating the eyes there’s an enormous amount of electromagnetic energy that we’ve created in our plums and that energy is penetrating all of the cells of the eyeballs here we are in Tad Asana we’re going to be coming back onto the back of the heels since that the neck is getting nice and long bring the head back as well now let’s take the gaze over to the right.

And then let your eyes keep going long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth out breath bring the shoulder blades together and down the back we’re opening up some more space for oxygen to come into the lungs take the gaze back to Center. And then we’ll take the gaze over to the left we’ll come back to Center and shake the shoulders out now we’ll do some clock work with our eyes. So we’ll just take the eyes up to 12 o’clock now of course you can do this at home with your eyes closed. And we’ll do it them with our eyes open in case you get lost and need to come back we’re going to exhale the eyes over to 3 o’clock we’re going to exhale down to 6 o’clock. And then we inhale over to 9 o’clock. And then we inhale up to 12. And then we exhale over to 9 o’clock exhaling down to 6.

And then inhaling over to 3 and inhaling back up to 12 again exhaling down over to 3 exhaling down to 6 inhaling over to 9 and inhaling again up to 12 o’clock. And then rest the eyes maybe take a nice squeeze here squeeze the eyes together really tight. And then open the eyes we’ve just moved an enormous amount of product into the eyeballs we’ve moved all of the muscles around the eyes that actually move the eyeballs from side to side and up and down. Because of our devices and our computers we really spend most of our time looking forward so using these exercises to create more limberness in the muscles in the connective tissue it’s a really wonderful idea. And we’ll bring more prana into the eyes we’ve been working with a little bit of inversions and we’re going to continue to work with inversions to help bring more prana and life force vitality and oxygen into the upper part of the body. So we’ll begin with a shoulder stand using a chair. So we come down onto our back. And we bring our hindquarters a little bit closer to the chair. And we rest our legs on the chair seat when you feel ready you could be taking the soles of the feet onto the chair seat.

And then using your shoulders messin down lifting the pelvis as you press down into the feet this is a wonderful way to draw energy down into the base of the neck the base of the throat. And the head close your eyes and take a long slow smooth and complete in and out breath, if we keep the knees. And the hips. And the feet in alignment that will help the low back we’re giving more space to the SI joints and we’re extending the low back Patricia is doing a more advanced version of the pose using the chair legs as support for the arms we’re pressing the shoulder shelf down into the ground activating the fifth chakra we are clearing out any energy blockages here at the base of the throat. So that blood and oxygen can rise up into the brain a little bit more easily through the blood vessels now letting yourself come back down very slowly vertebra by vertebra in Patricia’s case bending the knees and bring yourself back onto the ground and resting taking a few moments here to experience the prana that you’ve cultivated in this pose. And then we’ll remove the legs bend the knees into ourselves one at a time.

And we’ll remove the chair moving into a supported bridge pose you can roll over to the right. And then using the upper body strength coming up. And it’s a wonderful idea to take a rolled-up blanket a rolled-up towel and use it as support, if you don’t have a yoga bolster come on and have a seat on the edge of the bolster here Miki great. And then long slow smooth in-breath lifting on the front of the spine exhaling using your hands to support you as you come back and releasing down now, if we can get the bottom of the shoulder blades to rest off the short edge of the bolster that will be wonderful the shoulder shelf is resting on the ground you can have your leg eggs in baddha kon Asana bound angle or you could have your legs with the knees. And the hips aligned, if the heels are out. And the toes are in then there’s this wonderful inner spiral happening of the upper leg bones that’s protecting the low back we take a long slow smooth in-breath and a long slow smooth out breath and surrender back into the supports let go of the eyes close them let the eyes fall to the back of the head let the brain fall to the back of the skull is a constriction at the base of the throat and that’s clearing energy out of the fifth chakra the chakra of purification and there’s this wonderful calming of the mind feeling the brain start to move back away from the forehead leapreader karani legs up the wall or legs on a chair is a wonderful way to warm down again you can see we’ve got this idea of prana flowing down towards the head the legs are supported the low back is very happy. And the belly is open and soft for your awareness to the eyes visualize your eyes as lungs take a long slow smooth in-breath into the eyes feel the eyes drinking in all of this oxygen now we’ll move into shav Asana just lift the legs I’ll remove the chair.

And then you can bring your knees bent yes. And then lengthen your legs out one at a time, if you’re using a bolster or rolled up blanket just place it underneath your knees for some support and that will help your low back, if you have cucumbers or chamomile tea bags at home it might feel wonderful to put them on your eyes it’s nice to put them on the brow bone staying away from the cornea bring awareness back to your eyes just notice that when you inhale there’s this natural tendency for the eyes to look up behind the closed eyelids see, if you can resist this tendency and keep the eyes low looking at where the eyelashes come together thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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