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Exercise my health was a complete record felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I stopped getting sick pain disappeared I learned to open my heart and I felt healingyoga yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Deborah divine and that was my story my sedentary lifestyle and extra weight was leaving me with mobility issues especially.

Because of weakness in my legs. But then I found gentle yoga I was able to energize my legs and improve my balance and before long I was able to stand my ground and move with purpose and effortlessness now let yoga help you to celebrate the super bowl with these healingyoga tips that will help keep you limber reverse the effects of sitting support digestion of all those Super Bowl treats and calm your heart no matter who wins we’re going to be working with a chair for Jane. So that in case of balance issues it’s great to be able to have something to hang on to.

So we’ll just be coming right up to beside the chair Crescent lunge is a very easy version of warrior one we take the left leg. And we bring it back. And it doesn’t have to be a very far stance we just want to feel really grounded now, if you’re feeling a little bit out of balance here you can use a chair or you can widen the stance of your feet as I just did engage the feet and press down into the ground energize the back leg this is the anchor of the post. And then begin to bend the knee of the front leg over toward the baby toe side of the foot long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth out breath pressing down into the heel of the front foot. And the heel of the back foot inhale feel all of this wonderful energy rising up out of the ground. And then exhale ground that energy engaging apana that downward flowing energy let’s take our arms up on the next in breath maybe all the way up but, if that’s a little bit uncomfortable you can take your hands out cactus style, if you like goddess style here energize the legs again exhaling completely feel the belly come to the front spine trying to maintain this idea of moving the left hip forward. And the right hip back in order to keep the pelvis nice and level. And then we’ll let the arms come down back leg comes forward. And we stand in Tad Asana right leg comes back get your balance ground create a nice firm foundation maybe a wider stance may be using your chair.

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And then grounding through the heel of the back foot energizing the whole back leg hugging muscle into bone moving the knee of the frank foot over toward the baby toe side pressing down into the heel of the front leg energizing the front leg going to the pelvic girdle the glutes the low belly everything is squeezing in toward the midline long slow smooth and breasts long slow smooth out breath lift the ribs off of the pelvis and feel how much more space you have for breathing now inhale the arms up to the most comfortable place. And then begin again to energize the legs squeezing and hugging into the center use your arms strongly draw the shoulder blades down the back and open up through the collar bones lengthen back of the neck and take the head toward the back plane of the body spread the fingers nice and wide this is an excellent stretch for the Achilles tendon. And the calf it’s a very gentle stretch. But very effective now arms come down back leg comes forward ah just give yourself a moment here in Mountain Pose a very gentle and easy mountain post is to feel what’s happening with your legs maybe they’re feeling more vital more alive maybe there’s more circulation here maybe you feel more connected to the ground now we’re going to come into dancer this is a modified dancer with Jane using a belt here and of course using the chair as a support for balance. So we take the left foot back. And we’ll just wrap the ankle with the belt. And then using your hand you can begin to press the ankle against the belt and resist with the belt against the ankle we’re starting to lengthen through the front part of the hip lengthening the muscles of the front of the lakes the quadriceps. And then we’re starting to squeeze the glutes here we’re starting to engage the glutes and squeeze lift the chest lift the ribs open through the collar bones let everything come down the back line of the body exhaling completely and letting the shoulder blades come down the back so now we’re going to be coming into Tad Asana to create more space in the lungs.

So we’ll come to the center of the mat. And we will take our heels out and our toes in. And then we’re going to come back on the heels and ground to the back line of the body allow yourself to breathe down the back line on the out breath and allow the in breath to lift everything on the front part of the body bringing the heads of the arm bones back squeezing the shoulder blades together drawing them down towards the waist and external rotation of the upper arm bones will create a little bit more space on the front of the chest. And then we take an in-breath and lift the arms out and up reaching for the sky exhaling hands to heart space inhaling and reaching out and up these wonderful son breaths exhaling hands to heart we’re opening up a lot of space in the ribs here in the ailing out and up. And then when we get to the in the top of the in breath lift the hands stay together. And then we ground on the left side and extend the spine nice and long lifting the ribs off of the hips lean over to the right we’re accessing a lot of lung tissue that we don’t normally breathe into in daily life we usually spend a lot more of our breathing up here in the tops of the lungs so by coming into this side Bend we’re starting to open up new territory we’re creating a little bit more awareness deep into the bottom parts of the lungs where there’s a higher concentration of the air sacs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide this is a wonderfully purifying practice right now at the end of the next in breath feel yourself filling up maybe pause there for a moment. And then exhale arms come back to Center hands come to heart space wonderful. So we’re going to be coming into a constructive rest position on our backs. So we can just come off this bolster resting the feet a little bit wider than hip width knees are bent heels are out toes are in. And the shoulder blades come down the back in towards the heart creating a little platform for the heart to rest on next time an out breath comes along the knees move over to the right. And the head moves over to the left in breath everything comes back to Center in an out breath knees move over to the opposite side. And the head in the opposite direction in breath coming back and continue this action is moving some tension out of the deep layers of tissue under the belly the psoas muscles are the muscles that activate when we have stress. And this sequence of movements is creating a shift from the fight flight aspect of the nervous system to the rest and digest parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system like all the eyes let go of the jaws let the out-breath be complete feel the belly come to the front spine maybe pause for just a moment there enjoy that stillness in that piece there.

And then let the in-breath come feel how nourishing that seems feeling the oxygen penetrating all of the cells in the abdomen you’ll notice a reduction in your stress levels the cortisol hormone that circulates around the body when you’re in the fight flight of a nervous system will be reduced and serotonin and al dopamine will be released. And you’re going to be shifting all of your body chemistry all of your brain chemistry coming back to Center wonderful now roll over to the right roll over to the right. And then take the top arm hand press it down come up on the opposite elbow and forearm. And come on up now we’re going to be taking a side Bend. So we take a bolster a rolled up blanket rolled up towels. And we bring it right up next to the hip then we keep the bottom leg bent the top leg comes long. And we stretch ourselves out over top of the bolster. And we come down resting top arm comes up and over grab on to the top wrist with the bottom hand now, if you feel like you’re too far forward and you’d like a little bit more openness in the front of the throat bring your head. And your neck back take a couple of long slow smooth and complete in and out breath creating space throughout the whole side of the body we’re looking at the area between the bottom of the ribs. And the top of the hips expanding that area we’re making space deep inside the digestive system let the out-breath be complete feel the belly come to the front spine pause there for a moment enjoy that piece. And then allow the in-breath to come in and feel the ribs opening out and up like a clamshell this is a wonderful way to also create space in the low back we’re creating space in the disc the district starting to puff up like marshmallows here thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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