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Disappeared doing yoga yoga for real people with real problems hi I’m Debra divine and that was my story a bad diet overworking and a lack of exercise we’re making me weak and lethargic.

But then when I tried gentle yoga I found I could generate all the energy I need. And then some yoga be your secret weapon to feeling like a pro athlete in the NHL NBA and PGA join me in these healing yoga tips that help keep the top athletes limber agile and improve their injury recovery outcomes begin with sun breaths the feet are about hip-width apart. And the heels are out toes are in and we’re making really solid foundational contact with the ground here, if you come back on your heels a little bit more with your weight you’ll feel the quadriceps begin to charge up go to the pelvic girdle squeeze and hug everything into the center feel the ribs coming off of the top of the hips as you feel the in-breath lifting everything on the front line of the body. And the out-breath taking everything down the back line of the body take the shoulder blades together and move them down broaden through the collar bones lengthen through the back of the neck and take yourself to the back plane of the body here and feel yourself strong take your hands in front of the heart center and inhale the arms out and up fingers touch. And we exhale back to heart center inhaling opening wide-spreading the fingers exhaling coming back to heart center and pressing the palms together inhaling out and up exhaling fingers are pressing together and we’re broadening the collarbones it’s really wonderful to practice in a warmer environment. Because your joints feel more flexible your muscles. And your connective tissue seem to be more limber. And we get to detoxify by sweating a little bit more easily than we would in a regular temperature environment now we’re gonna be coming into half Sun salutes.

So we’ll step to the head of the mat. And we’ll come to Tad Asana heels are out toes are in energize the legs energize the pelvic girdle feel the ribs coming up again feel this opening in the upper part of the chest. And the squeezing in the back part of the upper back hands to heart center inhale arms out and up exhale take the arms out bend the knees and let the pelvis come up and over the heads of the femurs you can touch the shins or the ground. And then we’re gonna inhale halfway lift lengthen the back exhale come down again inhale all the way back up exhale hands to heart center now we’re keeping on with this routine. And the feet are gonna just stay grounded keep coming back to the feet and feeling grounded through the heels inhaling all the way back up exhaling hands to heart now we’re gonna be breathing the you Jai breath inhaling with that slight constriction at the back of the throat exhale with that slight constriction at the back of the throat coming forward bending the knees inhale halfway lift Wu Jai the victorious breath exhale yes inhale all the way back up the Ajay breath is an excellent way to keep heat going in the body we are using our throat the back of the throat there’s a very slight constriction and that is helping us slow the breath down hands to heart center we are coaxing the Sun out from behind the horizon with this prac and that is going to heat things up for us quite a bit inhaling halfway lift exhale forward fold inhale all the way up exhale let’s begin with helicopters using very light weights. So we stand in Tad Asana take the feet wider than hips heels out and toes in come back on the heels and feel very rooted into the earth in our Mountain Pose Tad Asana think about Mount Everest 28,000 feet above sea level and 60 kilometers of solid rock underneath.

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And then we’ll take the weights out inhale and feel wonderful length building through the front of the body. And then we’ll exhale and turn the heart inhale come back to Center exhale turning inhaling broadening the collarbones exhaling so coming back and forth a few times is starting to rev up the fires of digestion the third chakra the money put a chakra the city of shining jewels and fiery gems then ah we come back to Center shaking the arms out. And now we’ll come into goddess pose and do a few variations here taking the feet wider apart and experiment with where your feet need to be every day is different toes can be out ten o’clock or two o’clock, if that doesn’t feel good today turn the toes in and let the heels come out experiment what works best for you today. And then we’re going to take the weights right at the top of the thighs and begin to bend into goddess pose make sure that your knees are not going further ahead of your ankles just be careful you can widen your stance or shorten it at any time go to the sit bones draw this bones together and feel how much power is building in the lower part of the body long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths the extra weight at the head of the femurs is adding a little bit of resistance feel the fires of the legs starting to charge up. And then we’ll do a couple of variations so as we bend the knees we’re going to inhale the arms up. And then we’re gonna exhale bring them back down inhale lifting exhale come back down one more time inhaling exhaling wonderful now we’re gonna come into a variation that’s gonna require us to take our feet facing forward. So we’re gonna bend the knees. And then we’re gonna inhale come up on one side exhale come up on the other side exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale. And then come back to Center. And just carry on with our squats this is a very energizing sequence really get the fires burning then bending down and we’re gonna stay here so fix your feet into the best position for yourself.

And then begin to extend the arms we’re gonna do a few biceps curls inhaling squeezing exhaling coming down squeezing squeezing now we’re squeezing the legs. And the glutes we’re keeping lots of room in the midsection and we’re squeezing all the muscles of the arms. And the shoulders slow down and go in time with the breath you could even stop and rest. And then come back and join it again for a final warm down we’re gonna be coming into an elevated chest shav Asana. So, if you have a rolled-up blanket or towel or yoga bolster we’ll just bring ourselves right up to the short edge. So It’s resting here to support the low back we keep the knees bent. And we use the arms to walk or so back. And we rest down lakes can come long. And we shake them out bring the shoulder blades down the back and in behind the heart now take a few breaths and feel yourself completely surrendered here we’re opening up the front part of the body. And we are giving the low back a beautiful rest there is a wonderful way of being supported here in this pose that allows us to release all of the tension and gripping in the area between the bottom of the ribs. And the top of the hips it can be really wonderful to support the head with a folded blanket and that gives the brain a wonderful place to rest. And you can see that the forehead. And the chin. And the chest are making this beautiful downward line that is very soothing on the heart it’s very soothing for the brain. And it’s really wonderful for the whole upper body and having the sandbag or the rice bag placed on the low belly can also feel really wonderful this is grounding the pelvis now, if there’s any discomfort in the low back all you need to do is move the pelvis away from the shortage of the bolster you can bend your knees and actually move your pelvis away. And then reset the legs and see how that feels resting in an upper chest opening pose has an excellent effect on our oxygen levels let the shoulder blades come down the back and in behind the heart allow your collarbones to open let the ribs expand opening like a clamshell revealing the pearl of the heart we’ll take a long slow smooth and breath into the feet into the legs inhaling light and spaciousness and exhaling tension and holding we take a long slow smooth and breath into the hips into the back the whole spine and all of the muscles breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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