Yoga Tips for International Womens Day Full Version

I was in bad shape before discovering gentle yoga lack of physical activity bad posture and diet were really affecting my muscle mass let yoga be your secret weapon for maintaining your feminine well-being celebrate International Women’s Day with these healing yoga tips that help optimize breast health strengthen the lower body and support the pelvic organs let’s begin with sun breaths with blocks we take a block width wise you can use a book as well. And we come into Tad Asana we take the feet a little bit wider than hips. And the heels are out. And the toes are turned in the upper legs are rotating a little bit inwardly which is protecting the low back. And the SI joints come back on the heels with a little bit more weight and feel the legs energized go to the glutes and squeeze feel grounded here now we’ll take the block in our hands width wise. And we’ll begin low take the shoulder blades back and down towards the waist. And then inhale about a third of the way up and exhale squeeze the block inhale another third of the way up exhale and squeeze the block and then, if you can take your arms up a little bit higher great, if not stay there exhale squeeze the block.

And then we’ll come down resting maybe, if you feel tired just circle your shoulders out. And then we’ll begin round 2 inhale squeeze the block and exhale inhale squeeze the block exhale inhale you stay here or maybe lift higher. And then exhale and squeeze the block feel your muscles activated the arms the chest let the block come down now we’re going to take a special breath. And it’s voluma 1 the interrupted in-breath. So we’re going to go a third of the way up and fill our lungs a third of the way up as well. And then pause squeeze the block inhale another third pause squeeze the block inhale. And then exhale let the arms come down one more time inhale and pause inhale again and pause it’s important to keep within your range of exertions. So that you don’t get overtired and overwhelmed these pauses in between the in breaths are really helpful for cultivating more breath awareness and more lung capacity now we’ll come down and rest circle the shoulders out and how will come to shoulder cycle will drop the buck we’ll pick up the belt.

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And then we’re using the belt and we’re going to create a loop that’s about the shoulder width apart now we take one arm in and place the belt above the elbow the other arm comes in above the elbow. And then again we ground. And the arms are down here see, if you can break the belt here we’re actually opening up the collarbones and broadening them. So we take the upper arms. And we try to move them out of the shoulder socket breaking the belt drawing the shoulder blades down the back lengthening the back of the neck. And now we’re going to just turn the neck one way. And then bring it back to Center and turn it the opposite way now we come back to Center we inhale a couple of degrees up break the belt exhale draw the shoulder blades down the back inhale come up a little bit higher exhale break the belt and again we’ll take the gaze over to one side breaking the belt coming back to Center over to the opposite side breaking the belt coming back to Center exhaling the arms down now let go of the belt circle the shoulders out. So we’re gonna start with a wonderful warm-up called goddess pose we’ll take the feet a little bit wider than hip width apart and maybe the toes. And the knees are in the same plane, if turning your toes out does not feel good you can keep your toes turned in. But just keep your knees pointing the same direction as your toes we’ll bring the arms up to about shoulder height and bend the elbows spreading the fingers nice and wide. And then we’re gonna exhale and press the knees down bend the knees down and press down into the feet and we’re gonna inhale and lift the arms up fingers touch at the top. And then we exhale here we are gaining some strength in the legs we’re gonna keep on coming down with the out-breath and rising up with the in breath and maybe we’ll bring some awareness to the place between the spine place between the hips. And the bottom of the ribs so as we come down we’re grounding strongly through the legs and as we rise we’re moving the ribs away from the tops of the hips we exhale completely feel the belly come to the front spine.

And then inhale fully and let the ribs move out and up exhaling completely maybe pause there and really energize the bottom part of the body inhale and rise reach reach exhaling this is a wonderful way to create some muscle strength in the lower extremities without doing a lot of bouncing without creating any kind havoc with our joints and our bones, if they’re already sensitive we’re gonna be taking warrior 2. So we come to Tad Asana. And then we take the feet wide apart maybe like to lift your arms and spread your fingers. And just have a look down see, if your feet are about wrist width apart. And then you can drop your arms down we’ll take the right foot pointing out to the front. And the back heel is going to turn to the back now we’ll move the right knee over to Ward’s the baby toe side of the foot we’re gonna come to the back leg and ground down. So we’re grounding down and really pressing through the baby toe side of the back foot we’re energizing the whole back leg you can feel things are starting to heat up now come to the sit bones bring the sit bones together and allow the inner legs to blossom open pressing down into the heel of the front foot the baby toe side of the back foot now we’ll be bring our arms up inhaling exhaling now Dori is dealing with a little challenge in her elbow and she’s not able to straighten her arm out, if you get tired at any time door you just drop your arm and put your hands on your waist on your hips whatever feels good one of the wonderful benefits of warrior pose is that we’re using muscle resistance in addition to gravitational resistance to build strength in the lower extremities our hips are very vulnerable as we age so hugging in and squeezing the glutes bringing the sit bones together and blossoming open the front parts of the legs is. So Important to create strength and stability in the hip joints as well as muscle strength in the gluts warrior pose is a very intense pose you know people think about building strength and makeup to lift weight so they got to do leg presses this is a leg press in itself here without you having to go to the gym without you having to buy weights and, if you pressed down into the heel of the front foot. And the baby toe side of the back foot there’s something very magical that happens all of the muscles start to activate and we’re building stronger bones with this pose we’re gonna be setting Helen up here with a bolster underneath her spine and a blanket supporting the back of her head and her neck and we’re also going to be using a block to bring things up a little bit higher. And you can sit right here the second bolster is gonna be supporting the knees. And then using your hands to support you as you come down inhale and lengthen the front spine. And then exhale come back and let this blanket support your head and neck your hands can come out. And you can rotate the upper arm.

So that the palms are facing the sky this is going to give you a little bit more breath through the collarbones I’ll have more oxygen coming into the lungs you can let your legs come out long. And then give your self a minute to see how your low back is doing, if you need to move the hips away from the ribs to give your low back some more space then you can go ahead and do that by bending your knees one at a time and moving your hips away now we’re going to take the soles of the feet together and let the knees splay out to the sides this is a wonderful pose to help us honor the Divine Feminine all of our energies are coming down into the pelvis we’re dealing with the energy of the second chakra the chakra of creation and flow without water there can be no life and exhaling tension the energies of the Divine Feminine are about being receptive and being open long slow smooth in-breath into the whole torso. And the back breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension exhaling holding continue to enjoy sav Asana for at least another 15 minutes thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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