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Felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I started on stick pain disappeared I learned to open my heart and I felt healingyoga Yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Deborah divine and that was my story smoking weight issues high cholesterol and high blood pressure were all negatively affecting my heart health. But then I found gentle yoga it helped me manage my stress levels and keep my blood pressure down my heart has been happy ever since let yoga be your prescription to prevent and manage symptoms of heart disease for Heart and Stroke Awareness Month I have some great healingyoga tips calm and slow the heart rate improve breathing and make you feel more relaxed we’re going to begin to practice with constructive rest rocking back and forth with a blanket behind the head. So we come down onto the ground and we’ve got this blanket set up. So that it can support the back of the neck. And the back of the head and give us a little bit of soft cushioning the shoulders are coming toward the ground. And then we just feel this wonderful sense of being supported here knees are bent feet are about hip-width apart or a little bit wider then we exhale knees come to the right face comes to the left inhaling back to Center exhaling knees come to the left. And the head moves to the right. And then we come back the back of the head is where we actually do our scene the ice pick up light color they pick up movement.

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And then they transport that data via optic nerve to the back brain the occipital lobe visual cortex. And this is where all of the bits of data come together to allow us to figure out what we’re seeing when we have a lot of stress and tension on the back of the head that can really interfere with all of the processing going on at the back of the brain so by rocking back and forth we’re releasing all kinds of muscle tension across the back of the head down the neck across the shoulder shelf and all the way down to the tailbone now let’s use the eyes take the eyes and let the eyes go first and let the head follow let go of the jaws and let the tongue come away from the roof of the mouth let’s circle the jaws around a few times now. And then we come back to Center now we’re going to continue on with constructive rest. But we’re going to be using a belt. And you can use an old bathrobe tie a tie that your husband has lying around is fine too and we’re going to make a loop about shoulder width. And then we’re going to place our hands through the loop and let the belt rest just above the elbows. And then we come down again. So we’re going to keep the knees bent. And the feet are resting on the floor in a comfortable place and we’re going to just bring the shoulder blades down the back. And then break the belt we’re breaking the belt by going to the shoulders and creating space in the shoulder joints moving the heads of the arm bones out now we’ll inhale about a third of the way up. And then exhale break the belt press the back of the head back into the blanket and next time an in breath comes along we raise the arms a little bit higher up about a third of the way breaking the belt on the out breath and pressing the back of the head down another in blood comes along. And we see how far we can take the belt you don’t want to go into the pain zone spread the fingers rake the belt press the back of the head into the blanket.

And then we let the arms come down now let’s combine this movement with lengths as well. So In the ailing. But a third of the way let the knees come out to the right break the belt. And then another inhalation bring the knees back arms come back over a bit more break the belt on the exhalation let the knees come to the left press the back of the head it yes. And then another in-breath lifting a little bit further knees come to Center exhale break the belt let the knees come to the right press the back of the head down into the blanket circle the jaws now wonderful coming back to Center now we’re going to be going into a wonderful opening pose to give us lots of breath lots of prana a side Bend supported with either a yoga bolster or a rolled up blanket or towel. So we bring our bolster right up to the hip taking the knees bending them maybe wide knees maybe the knees come closer together see what would feel best. And then we take a long slow smooth in breath and get long on the front of the spine and in a long slow smooth out breath will drape us over the bolster. So we’re resting the head on the arm, if your head is having trouble reaching your arm you can always stick a towel rolled up towel or blanket underneath your neck in your head now we’re going to take a couple of breaths here. And just feel how things are starting to blossom open here on the top plane of the body three long slow smooth and complete in and out breath allowing ourselves to open up the ribcage and expand through the bottom of the ribs. And the top of the hips this is a wonderful pose to open up and create room for the diaphragm the belly organs are in the way of the diaphragm on the in-breath so opening things up this way can allow us to get a lot more prana and oxygen into our system now at the end of the third out breath take your top leg straighten it out and move it back behind you.

So that we’re getting a little bit more into the Suez and quadratus lumborum here we’re making more space in between the hip. And the ribs creating this wonderful sense of openness this wonderful sense of expansion next time an out breath comes along let your top arm calm down resting on your hip and in breath comes along lift the arm up and over feel the ribs opening out and up exhale bring the arm back down now we’ll go to the opposite side. So we’ll just come up using our upper body strength will swing the bolster over to the opposite side draping ourselves over the bolster lengthening the spine lengthening the low back the area that we’re stretching here. And then sorting out the legs where were the lakes like to be. And then taking the upper arm lifting it up and over inhaling exhaling the arm comes back down we’ve really created a lot of room and spaciousness deep in the belly we’ve released a lot of tension in the so as that muscle the so as is the fight flight activator so when we’re stressed it’s always tense now we’re coming in for a very nice landing here in shav Asana we’re going to be supporting the heart from behind we’re going to be using a pillow or you could use a rolled up blanket or a towel. And it’s going to be resting right underneath the shoulder blades. So let’s come over here yes. And then we’ve got another blanket for the head yes use your arms to help you come down. And you can keep your knees bent, if you feel any discomfort in your low back or you can have the legs long, if your low back is giving you any signs of discomfort now we can take our arms out to the sides in a t formation and then, if we roll the arms externally and let the palms face up. And just let the fingers unfurl naturally. And just relax them then we open up a little bit more space in the collarbones. And the upper part of the chest now we’re going to releasing down into the ground. But we’re also going to be thinking about air rising. And this whole idea of the 4th chakra this is the element of air that we’re dealing with here. So we’re going to be grounding with the out breath and feeling offensive rising on the in-breath, if your low back is giving you any trouble you can always scoot your hips away from the bottom of the ribs and create a little bit more room for the low back, if you feel that the pillow is a little bit too high you can always unfold a few of the folds in your towel fill yourself getting wider and flatter more connected to the earth feel the opening of the ribs out and up creating lots of room for the lungs to bring breath down into the lower parts of the lungs where there’s a much higher density of the air sacs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide take a long slow smooth in breath into the heart center picture the color green this is the color associated with the 4th chakra the heart chakra exhale and completely surrender the heart is where we feel joy it’s.

So Important to cultivate that feeling every single day in order to maintain our best health 4th chakra is associated with loving kindness and forgiveness, if there are any areas in your life where you feel upset you can use this time to just allow things to be alright the way they are without needing to change anything thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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