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Disappeared problems hello I’m Deborah Devine and welcome to healing yoga Yoga for real people with real problems and yes that was me in the cartoon I was in terrible shape before learning about gentle yoga and one of my biggest problems was getting sick all the time my immune system was shot. Because of stress lack of sleep bad diet good digestion is a key to a strong immune system. And this is why Zoomers can become susceptible to illness our digestive systems are slowing down. And we can develop bacterial imbalances in our intestinal flora this makes it hard to fight off the flu and colds let yoga be your secret weapon to calm your heart reset your nervous system and soothe your mind flu recovery is an uphill battle with symptoms that come and go yoga helps alleviate achiness breathing issues fatigue and mental fogginess these healing yoga tips are your prescription to ease excess mucus improve breathing and soothe your achy body. So let’s begin we’re gonna come down into V pre to kurani using our chair sofa a wall, if you have it available we’ll come down and get our legs set up. So that we can take our ankles on to the tops of the chair pack.

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And then we’re just gonna circle the ankles around a little bit maybe one angle at a time we’re starting to release energy out of the legs well we want to get nice strong legs we begin by releasing tension and allowing there to be space for those muscles to be worked we’re loosening up the ligaments. And the tendons and we’re gonna try another variation IV pre to karate we’ll take the legs out to the corners of the chair back. And then we’ll just shake the legs a little bit shaking the legs a little bit let the breaths ground you especially through the heads of the femurs into the hip sockets there’s no wonder phille sense of releasing all of the muscles and all of the connective tissue here with these very gentle movements now we’ll come into another variation of V Frieda qurani we’ll take the soles of the feet together and let them rest on the chair seat. And we let the upper legs externally rotate.

And then you can rock your pelvis from side to side which is going to help create a little bit more movement into the hip sockets or you can butterfly the legs back and forth this way use the breath to move awareness and Prada life force and vitality into any areas that seem to be troublesome, if you’re experiencing discomfort of course at any time during our practice today just back off and do a little bit less now let’s come back up to the first variation IV pre to kurani a legs long. And then we’ll spread the toes and press the heels up to the sky we’re loosening up the back of the legs here loosening up the hamstrings. And the calves. And the achilles tendons it can get really tight. And then again we’ll take our ankles over to the corners of the chair. And just let go of the legs in very gentle movements here use the breath to move energy down Appanna is this downward flowing pranic wind that is really helpful when we have tension and gripping in certain parts of the hips or the legs it’s great to use the breath to bring that down now one more time with C we pre to karani see the soles of the feet come together. And then we can butterfly the legs or Rock the pelvis back and forth we get this really wonderful sense of releasing synovial fluid deep in the hips. So that movement becomes easier more fluid alright now let’s go for a modified pigeon pose on the chair well take the left leg. And we’ll just let it rest on the chair seat. And then the right foot. And the ankle are gonna come around and rest on the left knee now use your judgement about where you would like to have your foot your leg resting on the chair the idea is to get this external rotation happening with the upper leg bone.

So that we can get deep into the hip rotators. And the glutes. So we’ll just rock back and forth a few times loosening and limbering things up using the breath to breathe light and spaciousness into any areas that are causing a little bit of discomfort maybe maybe a little bit of tension you find there then we’ll come back to Center. And we’ll switch over to the opposite side now this might be a little bit different. Because we typically have imbalances the left side you know in the right side one side might be a little bit more dominant at the other maybe there’s an old injury you want to just be careful with so again just this rocking back and forth and exploring where the best place for your legs to be on the chair back. So let’s move into nadi shodhana alternate nostril breathing we can have a seat on a chair or a bolster and, if you sit on the edge of their seat and have your feet directly underneath your knees you can have your knees spread apart a little. But give you more stability better foundation. And then you can allow your front spine to open up and lift take the shoulder blades down the back and broaden through the collar bones now we’ll take the right hand we’ll take the index finger and move it in toward the palm we take the middle finger and move it in toward the palm. And then we take the pinkie finger. And we bring it right up close to the ring finger the thumb comes out.

And then we have these little pinchers right here. So the ring finger pad is going to come on to the left nostril right underneath the bone. And the pad of the thumb is going to come on to the right nostril right underneath the bone it’s a very light pressure and nutty show Dena is about closing off one nostril exhaling. And then inhaling. And then closing off that nostril opening up the other nostril and exhaling and inhaling all right we begin on the right with an exhalation. So just pressing gently on the left side of the nostril exhale inhale through the right nostril. And then switch sides take the ring finger off the left nostril with the thumb on the right exhale inhale switch over nadi shodhana is an excellent pose to help us balance the heating and cooling aspects of our nervous system according to yoga we have two sets of not EEOC’s not ease our nerve blogs or energy blogs and one of them is like the heating part of our nervous system. And the other one is the cooling part so we’d like to just balance both of these energies. So that we can come into more balance with the heat. And the coolness of the rest of the body all right now we can take our hands down rest the hands on the thighs. And just breathe naturally for a few moments it doesn’t take too many repetitions of the alternate nostril breath to find out that not only are we balancing our heating and cooling in our bodies. But we’re also balancing the mind we’re calming the mind now we’re coming down into shav Asana. So we have a bolster supporting the back a blanket supporting the neck. And the shoulders. And we have the other bolster supporting the knees you can use a rolled up blanket rolled up towels for all of this now we’d like the bolster that’s supporting the back to come right up to the buttocks and that way our low back is going to be supported.

And then we use our arms to help us come down again protecting our low back take the hips and move the hips away from the short edge of the bolster supporting your low back make sure that the bolster supporting your knees is in a comfortable place and extend the legs long shake them out let the legs just flop out to the sides and let the heels rest on the ground and surrender completely here close your eyes and feel yourself getting wider and flatter with every breath cycle long slow smooth in-breath into the arms shoulders the heart the lungs breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding take a long slow smooth in breath into the belly the organs of reproduction and creativity of digestion and transformation the core exhaling tension exhaling holding take another long slow smooth in-breath into the entire body breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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