Yoga: The Peripatetic Practice

Reading and learning about yoga is easy. The essence of yoga is balance, humming along without watches or worry. It takes a modicum of creativity and commitment to find that balance. The truth is that it is a challenge to eke out a corner of our lives for yoga with our chaotic schedules.

Between marriage, the kids, baseball practices, swimming lessons, relocation, and business trips, the full calamity of living doesn’t offer much time to toss a sticky mat on the floor and melt into the Corpse Pose.

Yoga will not turn calamity into pleasure, but it is a catalyst for change and peace of mind.

Threads of yoga can weave surprising results into an arduous day. If you truly want to practice yoga, start with where you are at this moment. You may have to sprinkle a dash of ingenuity into the yoga menu. Let’s start with those of you who are always on the road.


Yoga can be practiced anywhere, by anyone.

People practice yoga on vacation, in airports, and even on airplanes.

Yoga has made headway in the workplace.

Children are adept at practicing yoga.

It’s never too late to begin a yoga practice.

There are a plethora of yoga retreats around the globe, one to suit every personal taste and pocketblog.

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