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Through sheer weariness with trying to satisfy his insatiable desires does Yoga symbols he begin to look elsewhere for fulfillment. It requires an astronomical period of time until he Yoga symbols is ready to admit to himself that he is indeed subject to fears of every description, including death; that his anxieties regarding everyday living never cease; that he seems unable to gain real control of his emotions and his mental faculties; that living, in its ordinary sense, holds no true happiness, security or peace.

Only when he is absolutely convinced of the truth of these things does it occur to him that he has been searching for his fulfillment and peace in the wrong places and using the wrong instruments. It is at this point in his evolution that the sleeping wisdom within him is stirred and he experiences an awakening. Once awakened, he cannot go back to sleep. Usually there is a great inner struggle as one treads the winding path between the states of awakeningand enlightenment.

Progress on this path is dependent on many factors and one develops in accordance with how seriously he applies himself. Spiritual evolution for the awakened man can consume a myriad of lifetimes or it can culminate in enlightenmentwithin a relatively short period of time.

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