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If your interest is strongly drawn toward Yoga, you have Yoga stretches probably been engaged in its study or that of related subjects in previous incarnations. You have Yoga stretches a great responsibility not only to yourself, but to your fellow man to advance your development as far as possible and to help awaken the higher consciousness of those persons who are ripe for such knowledge.

Relatively speaking, only a very small percentage of the world’s population is a-wakenedat any given time in the course of world history. That is why when you mention Yoga to many of your friends and relatives, they are completely at a loss to understand your interest in this study. However, it is most significant to note that the interest of the Western World in Yoga is more prevalent than at any time in recent history.

How does a sleepingman awaken? As stated above, this is not an accident. He has spent an untold number of lifetimes passing through the initial stages of the lower consciousness. We will discuss incarnation in detail later.

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