Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap

Yoga straps can be used for passive stretching, active poses, and to aid in more advanced postures that require “binding,” where the hands are joined behind the back. When looking for a strap, look for one that has a metal closure on the end so that the strap can be made into an adjustable loop.

Bolster. A bolster is great for meditating or sitting or lying down for extended periods of time. Bolsters are rectangular in shape and feel like a firm, sturdy pillow. They’re wonderful props for restorative yoga, and make the greatest gift for prenatal yoga. Use them to support all your seated and supine poses for more ease and comfort.

Blanket. Blankets can be used as a prop to help you get into poses, to pad your knees, or to lift your seat. They can also be used for warmth at the end of practice. Most yoga blankets are fairly stiff and durable and can be stacked for varying heights and needs. Many yoga blankets are made from wool, which can be very hot. I prefer woven cotton blankets.

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