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Soon you will be able to hold the image of the Yoga shorts flame steady with your eyes closed. There is a great restfulness that results from candle concentration Yoga shorts . 7 The gaze is fixed and held on the lighted candle for approximately 2 minutes. 8 The eyes are palmed and the image of the flame retained for approximately 2 minutes. AWAKENING THE SLEEPINGMAN Yoga classifies individuals as sleeping,awakened,or enlightened.The sleepingman is not aware that he is using only a fraction of his great potential power. He plods his way through life in a conditioned hypnotic state as a prisoner of his ordinary mind and his five senses. He may be successfulin all of the ways of the world.

So in many respects this chapter confirms Baudrillard’s general theories of late capitalism: in our specific analysis of the yoga commodity we can say that for many consumers the technical-transformative meaning of popular yoga is to become a symbol\ to become an idealised body and self created by media images – a pure world of signs. The goal of yoga for many is to become a celebrated person who is admired, not for one’s accomplishments but simply for oneself, uncritically and without reservation as Lasch says. Thus the triumphant formula for success within corporate bureaucracies: performance is overridden by images of winning, momentum and high visibility.

The use-value of modernist yoga – cultural self-identity

Throughout the history of India there was often a dialectical tension within yoga between the use-value and the symbolic-value where the yoga discourse in the end turned them into a synthesis. This analysis of the Western hybrid of yoga has shown that once more they have become conflated.

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