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Or to quote McCutcheon (2001):

Instead of uncritically deploying such categories as the sacred, the real, Being, and experience, the post-Eliadean study of religion ought to be concerned with the ways in which power and authority are constructed and legitimated through so-called religious claims and practices as well as through the very scholarship on such beliefs and behaviors.

And this is what I have tried to achieve by supplementing yoga scholars’ often brilliant research with critical discourse analysis and counter-hegemonic readings.

Do not allow it to continue having its way. It Yoga routine is time now that you became the master in your own house. Simply sitting down quietly Yoga routine at least once each day for just three minutes and fixing your gaze upon a pleasant object, contemplating it without distraction, will automatically begin the process of integration within you! To measure the three minutes you may use a timepiece, stop watch, or simply try to judge the time. Do not glance continually at your watch. You must try to be aware the moment your mind begins to wander and return it at once. Otherwise you will allow many valuable seconds to elapse without realizing that you are off on a tangent. There is ingenious deception and trickery in the ordinary mind which you will come to realize through this concentration technique. This type of concentration may also be practiced in an active manner.

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