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Words to this effect will slowly but surely convince your ordinary Yoga retreat mind of the necessity of one-pointedness. You will find that when you gain some Yoga retreat success with this technique, your everyday activities, business, social and domestic, can be handled with more assurance, more ease, more efficiency. This is because you are gradually becoming integrated,in the deepest sense of the word, and you can do more things in less time and do them well.

We have spoken previously of the fact that the training of the body can be compared to the disciplining of a spoiled child.-It has had its way for a long time and it expects to go on having its way. When you attempt to change its patterns it fights, it rebels. The same is true of the mind, only much more so. When you attempt to change the stubborn habits of your ordinary mind, it too will fight and its chief weapon is to make you weary 59 and lazy so that you will not want to practice.

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